(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Florida – Israel R&D Program 5th Request for Proposals

Deadline for Submission: January 17, 2018
Focus on: Aerospace and related research projects

The call is initiated in the framework of the Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership program with the purpose of promoting greater R&D collaborations among companies in the State of Florida and the State of Israel and is implemented and funded by the Israel Innovation Authority, on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) in the Israel Ministry of Economy, and by Space Florida, an Independent Special District of the State of Florida .


Successful applicant companies will receive funding directly from the agency in their home country according to its regulations and procedures: companies from Israel will be funded by OCS and companies from Florida will be funded by Space Florida.

A budget of up to $2,000,000.00 USD has been jointly allocated by the State of Israel and the State of Florida to fund projects approved in the framework of this RFP.

Space Florida and the Authority are able to help match companies and to help identify potential application partners for this program. 

Request for Proposals Focus

This RFP process will stimulate generation and development of new or significantly improved product or process for commercialization in global markets. This RFP solicits proposals with a focus on R&D Aerospace and related technologies, with emphasis on small satellites, space sensors and specialized electronics systems, bio-sensors, nano-electronics, flex electronics and low power electronics, micro- and nano-robotics technologies, satellite communication, unmanned aerial systems and microgravity research related to life sciences and advanced materials (collectively “R&D Projects”).

Mode of Collaboration

Applicants will include at least one (1) for-profit Israeli company and one (1) for-profit Florida Company in their proposals .  Applications, where one of the applying companies is a wholly owned subsidiary or joint venture of the other company, will not be considered.  Applications where one (1) of the applying companies has a nominal equity position in the other or a contractual business relationship (for example, in-country distributor of the other company’s products) will be considered so long as the relationship is fully disclosed in the application . 

Eligible Participants

R&D Projects involving at least one (1) Israeli R&D company and one (1) Florida based company.  Participation of research institutions/universities is welcome as subcontractors according to each jurisdiction’s funding regulations.

Technological Fields


·          Aerospace and related research projects in the following areas:

·        Satelite Communication,

·        Small satellites (including C3I for small satellites) and small launch vehicles,

·       Space sensors for space applications:  development, integration, calibration, and environmental testing (including radiometry, multi- and hyper-spectral)

·      Bio-sensors for space research,

·          Nano-materials and coatings for space applications,

·         Electric power resources and solutions for space applications,

          ·     Microgravity research related to human life sciences,

·        Unmanned aerial vehicles and systems,

·        Nano-electronics, flex-electronics, and low power electronics,

·            Micro- and nano- robotics technologies.

Funding Eligibility in Israel

R&D performing companies registered and operating in Israel.  Universities and Research Centers can participate as sub-contractors.   

Please find attached:

1. Further instructions and guidelines

2. Bilateral cooperation form






Email: Contracts@spaceflorida.gov

Phone Number: 321-730-5301 ext. 210


Mr. Jonathan Cohen
Program Manager – North American Desk
Israel Innovation Authority 
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