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Israel selected as "Country of Honor" at Pujiang Innovation Forum held in China

Delegation of Israeli Cleantech companies hold roadshow alongside forum led by Israel's chief scientist Avi Hasson.

13 Israeli companies led by Chief Scientist at the Israeli Ministry of Economy Avi Hasson are participating in a roadshow in central cities in China this week, where they are presenting their technologies in cleantech, energy, water and environment to local Chinese companies, investment firms, government officials and research authorities.

The roadshow takes place in parallel to the Pujiang Innovation Forum, in which Israel was selected by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology as the country of honor for the first time ever, due to its leadership in global innovation. Israel will be represented in the forum by Deputy Premier Silvan Shalom, the Israeli Ambassador to China Matan Vilna'i and Chief Scientist Hasson.

Israel joins a list of countries that have been awarded this honor in the past, including Russia, Finland and Germany. The first day of the forum will focus on Israel and its various cooperation initiatives with China. It will end with an Israel-themed cultural event. Leading Israel's participation in the event are the Israeli Embassy in Beijing, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai and the Office of the Chief Scientist.

Representatives of leading Israeli companies will take part in the forum, including Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, founding member and Chairman of the Board at Syneron, and leading academics such as Prof. Sivan Yesha, CEO of the Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University. They will take part in different forums alongside colleagues from China and other countries.

The cleantech company delegation represents the sixth such Israeli Roadshow to China. Organized jointly with the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, the roadshow serves as a platform for business cooperation and networking between Israeli and Chinese companies. The roadshow gives participating companies maximum exposure to Chinese companies, helping to advance cooperation in commercial R&D in various fields.

Chief Scientist Avi Hasson said: "In the past few years, the Office of the Chief Scientist has been investing great effort in strengthening cooperation with China, in light of the enormous, unrealized potential in this market. Our experience shows that such roadshows bring participating companies real results in the form of deals and long-term cooperation."

Avi Luvton, Executive Director, Asia Pacific, at MATIMOP, the executive branch of the Office of the Chief Scientist, said: "A company participating in the roadshow achieves in one week what it would achieve independently over a long period of intensive work. The China desk at MATIMOP invested months of work in building an intensive, high-quality schedule with meetings tailored for each and every one of the companies selected to make up this unique delegation."

The roadshow is intended to bring Israeli companies and hundreds of Chinese companies together, including venture capital firms, private investors, research institutes, industrial parks and the like. The meetings, scheduled in advance, are a platform for creating opportunities for cooperation on R&D, business and commercial relations for the Israeli companies, as well as maximizing exposure to the Chinese market.

"The roadshow is effective in several key ways," said Luvton. "This exposure is hard to replicate. The cost for Israeli companies is significantly reduced compared with similar action taken independently; activity is focused by sector and therefore draws a variety of investment entities, companies and representatives of businesses and financial institutions from China. Above all, it creates a real opportunity for each company to start effective cooperation with a compatible partner."

Israeli companies enjoyed marked success in previous delegations. One such company is Visualead, which conducts R&D to create targeted QR codes. Following its participation, the company opened an office in Shanghai in tandem with its activities in Israel. Shekel, which produces Israeli-designed weights and balances using advanced technologies, is another company that formed a unique collaboration following its participation in the roadshow. The company formed a partnership in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) with Chinese mega company Inspur from the Shandong Province, which specializes in communication and software solutions.

A link to the Pujiang Innovation Forum.

Companies taking part in the roadshow:


Memtech developed a groundbreaking portfolio of molecular polymer membranes (NF+UF) for a wide range of uses. Research and development at the company is conducted in cooperation with the Technion, Arkema (the world's largest manufacturer of polymers), Mekorot (Israel's national water company) and the SEB group.


Aqwise is a world leader in developing and implementing solutions for treating water and sewage for the municipal and industrial market. AQwise's solutions increase the effectiveness of treating sewage and allow for quick, cheap and effective upgrading of existing facilities, and at the same time erecting new facilities with a smaller physical footprint.


BallastMarin has developed a revolutionary technology that withstands the demands and criteria of water filtering for industrial uses. The technology is designed to serve the international naval community.


Bermad provides water monitoring solutions. For 50 years Bermad has been recognized as a pioneering and groundbreaking company in the field of hydraulic monitoring valves for water systems. Today the company is a global-scale provider. The company's solutions, combining different advanced technologies for flow monitoring, are considered leaders in their field in irrigation systems, water systems and fire hydrant systems.


The company introduces the "Uber" technology to the world of digital energy, in the form of green or solar digital coins, secure, stable, and resistant to illicit uses like money laundering. The company's products enable use of solar energy and give real-time dividends by conserving energy or by selling clean electricity, allowing for direct commerce in electricity between people and loading stations for electric cars from any outlet, including fast loading lanes on roads.


Blue-I Water Technologies is a global supplier of advanced measuring and monitoring devices. The company’s smart, reliable products are intended for treating water in industrial, municipal and private facilities.


Capital Nature is an investment firm focusing on accelerator funding for early stage initiatives in the field of renewable energy. The company's aim is technological leveraging, creating business opportunities for its partners and building quality companies from the ground up. The company runs a verification facility in the Eilot region of southern Israel.


The company was established in 2015 for research, development and marketing of different types of environment-friendly but water resistant paints that can face the challenge of corrosion in a variety of industries.


Intellisiv is a young startup developing optic fibers made of plastic in a unique and eco-friendly manufacturing technology based on the company's patents. These fibers are unique in construction and are used in electronics, home networks and similar applications.


An environmental company specializing in the development and implementation of solutions for agricultural and municipal waste, with an emphasis on plastic waste.


Meldoea develops an industrial process for producing NCC from the sludge of paper and fiber factories, a stream of waste that is produced in the millions of tons around the world. In addition, the company is developing unique technology for the manufacturing of industrial sponge from NCC for a wide range of uses.


A company using the principle of the Internet of Things (IOT) widely used in smart homes for the benefit of commercial buildings, with a goal of improving the management and efficiency of supplied energy.


Vortex develops advanced systems for the cleaning of industrial exhaust gases and fluids from particulates or gas pollutants, based on advanced technology (AVC) developed by the company.