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China-Israel R&D Cooperation Boosted with Recent OCS Visit



Chief Scientist Avi Hasson Participating in Joint Finance Committee in China’s Jiangsu Province where Funding will be Set for 8 Joint Projects between Chinese and Israeli Firms * Hasson Will Also Promote Integration of Israeli Companies in China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park, Established Recently in Wujin

JERUSALEM. April 16th, 2015 – Chief Scientist at the Israel Ministry of Economy Avi Hasson was in China last week with members of MATIMOP’s Asia Pacific Team to promote a number of R&D cooperation activities between Israel and China.  

Joint Israel-Jiangsu Committee

MATIMOP, the Israel Industry Center for R&D, responsible for implementing Chief Scientist programs for international cooperation in industrial R&D, has been finalizing a tenth call for proposals as part of the Israel-Jiangsu Program for Industrial R&D. This program was started in 2008 with the aim of supporting joint initiatives of companies from Israel and from the Chinese province of Jiangsu to develop products and services based on technological innovation.

During the visit, a joint committee headed by the Chief Scientist will convene to discuss and approve the projects submitted to the program. Eight joint R&D projects will be presented and the committee will then decide regarding financing of the projects.

The Israel-Jiangsu program is the most veteran of the Israel-China programs and the one with the highest output.

Promoting an Initiative to Build a Chinese Park for Israeli Companies

The Province of Jiangsu is considered a major player in developing Chinese hi-tech and one of the leading engines of growth for the Chinese economy. The city of Zhengzhou in the Jiangsu Province about 180 km from Shanghai has five million citizens and a GDP of $44.6 billion (2010 data) and is considered one of the most attractive destinations for foreign companies since the local government encourages foreign investments.

Seeking to strengthen cooperation between Israeli and Chinese companies and to give Israeli companies mechanisms of support and long-term consultation regarding Israeli-Chinese cooperation, the Israeli Ministry of Economy, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the Jiangsu Province government signed an agreement in 2014 to support the activity of Israeli companies in the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park in the city of Wujin in Changzhou. An additional agreement was signed by the Changzhou City and MATIMOP.

The park will enable Israeli companies a significant reduction in the investment necessary for breaking into the Chinese market through unique grants and incentives, assistance in protecting intellectual property and other services like office space, human resources, permits and licenses, logistic management and others intended to cut short the amount of time it takes to penetrate the market.

During the visit, the Chief Scientist will meet representatives of the Jiangsu Province's Science and Technology department, as well as representatives of the park, in order to promote the joint government decision and launch the initiative this year.

Zhejiang Province

An agreement with the Zhejiang Province was signed in May, 2014. The Zhejiang Province has become one of the wealthiest provinces in China over the past few years due to a development model (named the "Zhejiang Model" after the province) which promotes entrepreneurship, small businesses and investment in infrastructure. The spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in the province has made it a center of hi-tech and private investments, which have turned the province into a focal point of international cooperation between Israeli and Chinese companies.

During the visit to Zhejiang, the Chief Scientist will meet the governor of the province and senior officials in the science and technology department. The Chief Scientist arrives with the aim of tightening cooperation with this important province ahead of the launch of a new bi-national program of support in industrial R&D between Israel and Zhejiang. The Governor of Zhejiang is expected to visit Israel in May 2015 to hold diplomatic and business meetings. The Governor will be accompanied by a delegation of companies which will come to Israel for B2B meetings with Israeli companies.

While in Zhejiang, the Chief Scientist will also visit Alibaba, the Internet retail giant which announced its first investment in Israel early this year. Alibaba invested in Visualead, an Israeli startup allowing users to create unique QR codes. Alibaba also recently decided to invest in the JVP venture capital fund.

The goal of the meeting with Alibaba is to encourage the company to open an R&D center in Israel and to offer help in scouting for Israeli technologies for investment purposes.

For more information about OCS/MATIMOP programs with China, please visit: www.matimop.org.il/china.html