(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)


KIDMA 2.0 – Promoting Israeli Industry in the Field of Cyber Security - Coming Soon 
Several years ago, in order to maintain and enhance Israel's competitive position in the global cyber security market, the National Cyber Bureau and the Authority joined efforts to create KIDMA, a program aimed at providing benefits for the advancement of knowledge centers, creation of technological solutions in the field of cyber security, and encouragement of R&D activities in Israel.

KIDMA 2.0 is a continuation of the first program that ended in June 2015, which had an overall financing volume of NIS 100+ million from the budgets of both of the aforementioned organizations in accordance with the R&D Law.

This future follow-up program is still being implemented; it will focus on promoting the industry and will enable large companies to grow and realize their full economic potential in the cyber sector. This program will offer support via three incentive programs:

Breakthrough technologies: Support of the development of cutting-edge solutions based on advanced technology with the potential to significantly impact the cyber market at the global level (disruptive technology) in order to generate additional technological anchors, which will form the basis of large cyber companies in Israel. This incentive program will be designated for a long-term support (four years) in individual companies, and will focus on the provision of an increased grant, similar to the MAGNET grants.

Product development and proof of concept: Assistance to companies in bridging the gaps during the transition from the proof of concept (POC) stage of development to the stage of actual creation of product/service, through a provision of support in the POC and product creation processes beyond the technological R&D. This incentive program will offer support to individual companies for a period of one year, and its budget is intended for complementary activities beyond basic R&D.

Integrated solutions to difficult problems: Creation of large-scale cyber solutions for specific market problems, while combining technologies to create a competitive advantage for Israeli industry at the global level. This is achieved through support of integrated technological cooperation between several companies led by an experienced company in the field. This incentive program will offer support in the cooperation between at least three industrial technology R&D companies for a period of two years. Each company will have its own budget in accordance with the planned activities that will be contingent upon the fulfillment of the cooperation.