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Announcement of Joint Initiative (JI) between Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Germany, and Zur - Lavon, Israel


Announcement of Joint Initiative (JI) between

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Germany, and Zur - Lavon, Israel


We are proud and excited to announce the establishment of the Fraunhofer – Zur - Lavon Joint Initiative (JI) between the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in Germany and Zur - Lavon in Israel. This new recently signed Joint Initiative is aimed at promoting and expanding research and development opportunities for the industry and research community in Israel in collaboration with the world well-known German organization.


The Fraunhofer Organization

The Fraunhofer organization is one of the leading research and development establishments in the world, maintaining 67 institutes in Europe, USA, China and India with a combined research budget for 2014 of 1.9 billion Euros, out of which 1.6 billion is generated by contractual research and development activities.


The Zur-Lavon Organization

Zur-Lavon is an industrial and educational entity, which is part of Mr. Stef Wertheimer's initiatives with its headquarter located in the Lavon industrial park in the Galil.  As part of Mr. Wertheimer vision in respect of promoting and contributing to the industrial development in Israel, the Fraunhofer organization and Zur-Lavon signed a memorandum to set up a Joint Initiative (JI).


Aims of the Joint Initiative:

§   Create a communication hub in Israel, to foster interaction and the definition of projects between Fraunhofer institutes and Israeli industrial and academic partners

§   Support Fraunhofer Institutes in building up excellent networks and expansion of cooperation with local institutions and strategic partners of excellence

§   Support of local industry and R&D facilities seeking access to the Fraunhofer network

§   Promotion of joint and contract research topics with local partner organizations

§   Promotion of exchange of researchers

§   The initial focus will be on production-oriented industry (e.g. machine tools, micro machining, materials, Rapid Prototyping - 3D printing , aerospace products, automation and control, laser, …) and will be gradually opened to other industrial sectors

§   The joint activities in Israel will be combined with education initiatives.


Steering Committee

A joint Steering committee coordinate the various activities in Israel. The task of the committee is to help realizing the goals of the JI for the benefits of future collaboration between Partners in Israel and Germany.   Heads of the Steering Committee are Mr. Stef Wertheimer representing Zur-Lavon and Dr. Raoul Klinger, representing Fraunhofer worldwide.

Other members of the Steering Committee - Mr. Emanuel Zvi Liban, Mr. Oren Harpaz, Prof. Dr. Rafi Wertheim, Mr. Ofer Porat, all representing Zur-Lavon and Mr. Torsten Nyncke, representing the Fraunhofer headquarter, Germany.


Contacts and offices :

Offices include show room and meeting facilities:

§   Israel North - Zur-Lavon, Industrial Park Lavon, 2011800   (Phone + 972-4-9089107 Fax +972-4-9589061)


First seminar

The Steering Committee organizes a joined seminar in Israel on December 2nd 2014, with the participation of Senior Fraunhofer Executives from Germany and invited leaders and entrepreneurs from Israel (government, academy and industry) handling R&D and manufacturing activities.


Preliminary program is attached , attendance only by invitation


The main topics of the 1st Seminar

§   Acquaintance with the Fraunhofer operation and activities

§   Presentation of various activity options in Israel

§   Guidelines for cooperation between Fraunhofer and Israeli entities

§   Examples of successful International Cooperation and “Lessons Learned”

§   Funding and possible budget sources

§   The technical and scientific part of the seminar will be adapted to the areas of interest, as reflected in your feedback.

Call for collaboration and participation

Any organization or persons interested in the various activities, in contacts or in the upcoming first kickoff seminar is welcome to contact Israeli and send their requests to Nimrod@Zur.co.il for the attention of Mr. Nimrod Vizansky, JI office manager.


Thank you for your interest and first contacts


Nimrod Vizansky, JI office manager

On behalf of the Steering Committee