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The Israel Innovation Authority and CC-ABHI invite interested companies to submit applications to refine and validate their brain health and seniors care products. Our program is designed to help commercial organizations derive scientific evidence that their solution significantly impacts a top challenge in seniors care (see listing below). The Israel Innovation Authority and CC-ABHI are seeking to help Israeli firms get the evidence they need to enter and be successful in the seniors’ care and brain health marketplace.  
The themes for this call for innovations are:

1. Emergency Department Visits:

o Solutions that avoid or reduce unnecessary emergency department visits for older adults living with dementia.

2. Falls Prevention:

o Solutions that prevent falls or mitigate injury due to falls in older adults with dementia.

3. Aging at Home

o Solutions for better management of complex chronic conditions for older adults with dementia at home

4. Cognitive Fitness

o Solutions that improve brain health / cognitive fitness in older adults

The proposed product, service, clinical interventions or practice change put forward in the application cannot be early-stage prototypes – they must already be sufficiently advanced and backed with the support necessary for a real-world trial. Solutions must have already been proven and successfully implemented in at least one referenceable deployment site, and are ready to be applied across multiple organizations and/or sectors across Ontario and North America.

Funding Available

The Solution Validation Program 2016 will choose and fund a small number of projects that will run over a 9 - 15 month period, starting in approximately January 2017. Project costs will be shared between the successful Israeli company, The Israel Innovation Authority (MATIMOP) and CC-ABHI.

Funding from The Israel Innovation Authority:

Selected applicants can receive up to 50% of the Israeli companies approved project budget from The Israel Innovation Authority.

Funding from Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation:

Selected applicants can receive up to a maximum of CAD 250,000 from CC-ABHI to support eligible project costs. Among other funding rules, CC-ABHI’s portion of the contribution can only be used to support the local costs of Baycrest or other eligible seniors’ care trial partner in North America.

1. Program Benefits

Eligible applicants will be able to realize the following benefits from participating in the Solution Validation program:

1. An opportunity to test and improve the company’s products, services and processes in a “living lab” environment in North America. The Solution Validation program is a unique opportunity to get access to a large population of diverse end-users across a spectrum of settings (including inpatient, outpatient, long term care and community).

2. An opportunity to generate scientific evidence of the effectiveness of the company’s product/service which will help differentiate the product/service in the global marketplace.

3. An opportunity to lever funding from The Israel Innovation Authorityand CC-ABHI with which to conduct the trial.

4. An opportunity to establish a working relationship with a leading North American seniors’ care organization which adds credibility and referenceability for the company and its product or service.

5. An opportunity to work and develop a relationship with clinical and scientific leaders in seniors’ care whose advice and guidance could further improve the product/service making it more valuable in the marketplace.

CC-ABHI and Trial Partners Role in the Solution Validation Program

1. Offer project cost sharing.

2. Connect Israeli innovators to particular brain health and aging experts who have an interest in the company’s innovative product, service or process tool.

3. Provide access to a large population of diverse end-users across a spectrum of settings (including inpatient, outpatient, long term care and community) for purpose of testing solutions in North America.

4. Support Israeli innovators in developing or refining the protocols and assessment methodologies necessary for conducting a scientifically valid trial.

5. Execute the study/trial including subject recruitment, randomization and testing.

6. Provide statistical analyses, interpretation of results and report generation.

7. Offer opportunity to promote adoption of product following successful trial across North America.

8. Provide temporary workspace at the trial site (contingent on which site is selected).

Important dates



Program Announcement

May 25, 2017

Applicants submit online Expression of Interest

July 13, 2017 (by 5:00 PM EST)

CC-ABHI and IIA invite shortlisted applicants to submit full application

July 20, 2017

Invited applicants jointly submit full online application form including letter of support to CC-ABHI. Israeli company submits separate application to IIA.

September 18, 2017 (by 5:00 PM EST)

CC-ABHI and IIA notifies selected applicants

November 30, 2017

Sign agreements

December 22, 2017

Start project

January 2018


For more information please contact:

Mr. Jonathan CohenTelephone: +972-3-5118155Email: Jonathan.Cohen@innovationisrael.org.il