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Companies Seeking R&D Partners

Israeli companies actively seeking Indian companies for R&D and business partnerships and vice versa can receive assistance in partner matching.
For further assistance in partner search, please contact Merav.tapiero@innovationisrael.org.il
Clean-Tech Companies

Company Name: Aqua Rimat

Sector: Clean-Tech

Subsector: Water

Website: http://www.aquarimat.com              

Company Description: Aqua Rimat is an innovative Hi Tech company that develops a water meter, which includes also water alarm system capabilities- Domestic water management and water damage prevention tools. Our products provide a sophisticated and precise monitoring tool that learns End-users water consumption patterns and helps manage them online. Our unique systems also monitor water pressure and water quality i.e. temperature, conductivity, PH, chlorine, etc.

Our products are already installed in leading companies, including Google, Microsoft, HP, various banks, investment companies and private homes and demonstrate success in damage prevention and saving water.

Several Israeli insurance companies have adopted our solutions and encourage clients to install them, with the aim of reducing water damage claims.  

Partner Interests: Aqua Rimat is looking for partners who can help us tailor our technologies and products to the markets in India and Asia. We are seeking partnerships with companies that have background in water supply, water metering or smart homes that can enhance our R&D capabilities or local operations.


Company Name: AYALA Water & Ecology

Sector : Clean-Tech

Subsector: Water

Website:   http://www.ayala-nbs.com             

Company Description : AYALA Water & Ecology is a company of sustainability experts, specializing in the creation of long lasting ecological systems using natural elements to cure man-made environmental problems. AYALA Water & Ecology offers a thorough set of sustainable planning and practical tools that address and solve aspects of purification, recycling and conservation of water, soils and air. AYALA'S focus is on a holistic planning approach using natural elements as much as possible, reducing dependence on human maintenance and non-renewable energy. This allows us to create systems that are long-lasting and efficient over time.

Technology Description: During its twenty years of existence, AYALA Water & Ecology has created hundreds of water conserving, recycling and purification systems in Israel and around the world. Based on extensive research and accumulated field experience, AYALA developed a technology called Natural Biological Systems (NBS). This complex and modular system provides an efficient and sustainable purification treatment method that is applicable to practically all pollutant sources and in all climatic and environmental conditions.   It relies on phytotechnology, and is based on the activity of plants together with microorganism communities in the root zone. Together they degrade, accumulate, extract, and volatilize contaminants of all kinds in water, soil and the air, resulting in clean and purified outflow.

The NBS technology makes use of a range of natural elements such as plants with proven remediation abilities, sediments with different physical and chemical properties and various hydrology regimes.   Each system is tailored to every case and its ecological conditions, using local natural and human resources and is designed to withstand extreme fluctuation, and to last forever.  

The NBS is capable of enhancing the quality of water as well as the quality of air and soil simultaneously. The use of the NBS technology in conjunction with several other sustainable water management techniques allows AYALA to focus not only on a localized solution, but rather on an entire city, watershed or ecosystem, and to create solutions that promote groundwater recharge, flood prevention and restoration of local flora and fauna. AYALA is currently involved in a large scale project with the Indian government, for the rehabilitation of the Ganges river.   

Partner Interests : We are interested in broadening our connections with public officials in India, from the local, municipal state and national levels in order to promote our effective, sustainable solutions for the preservation of the environment of India, including the Ganges and other polluted water bodies. Examples include sanitation/environmental departments of government.

We are happy to work in connection with conventional wastewater treatment technology companies, whether to help with the primary sewage flows in the event of overwhelming inflow, or as a polishing step to upgrade effluent to meet stricter standards.

We are also seeking a business and funding platform on which the company can build itself and expand in the Indian Market. The potential partner should be a well-established Indian company with the experience and the funds to promote AYALA's activity in India.



Company Name: BAS - Biological Alarm Systems

Sector: Clean-Tech

Subsector: Water

Website: www.basdetect.com

Company Description : BAS develops a set of on-line, robust, analyzers for monitoring both water and air quality. Our special optical detectors and samplers are fully remote operated. All software and data are set on cloud, available world wild.

Technology Description: BAS new technology is based on o- line, real time, monitoring of several parameters which are related to water and air quality. By using UV / NIR spectroscopy and set of unique filters our unit monitor parameters like: BOD, TOC, Total Count, Nitrates and more.

Units can easily be adapted meeting customers specific needs.

Partner Interests : We are looking for partner who can represent us in the Indian market and other south East Asia territories. Partner should have accesses to governmental water treatment projects and the food – agro industry


Company Name: Biological Petroleum Cleaning

Sector: Clean-Tech

Subsector: Water

Website: www.biopetroclean.com   

Company Description : BPC delivers turn key projects for:

• A complete retrofit for old waste water treatments plants

• A complete turnkey for constructing a full waste water treatment plant at a green field

Based on our own bioremediation & control technology

Technology Description: BPC developed a proprietary bioremediation process with a state of the art control system.   It provides high quality treatment with major OPEX savings and complete stability

Partner Interests : Engineering companies who design factories (oil & Gas); Headquarters of major oil corporations (such as BP or Shell);   Construction companies who build factories (oil & Gas)



Company Name:   ICL Innovation

Sector: Clean-Tech

Subsector: Materials

Website: www.icl-innovation.com     

Company Description : ICL Innovation (www.icl-innovation.com) is the flagship initiative technology incubator of Israel Chemical Ltd (ICL) (www.ICL-group.com) Open Innovation program.   ICL Innovation seeks early stage innovative technologies, novel materials and cost-effective production processes that can be commercialized and incorporated by ICL companies into their product line in the areas of Energy, Food, Fertilizers and Specialty Chemicals.

The projects selected will enjoy full financial, R&D and business support all through its development. Each project will be adopted and commercialized by one of ICL's affiliates.   ICL Innovation is the inventor's strategic partner.

Partner Interests: R&D collaboration with Indians Universities and Research Institutes on Innovative Technologies that will be developed and funded all the way to industrialization and commercialization against royalties from sales.

The objective of joining the trade delegation is to establish contacts with targeted customers in India and to identify new technologies for the purpose of funding them and develop them all the way to industrial implementation.


Company Name: Dr Ten

Sector: Clean-Tech

Subsector: Water & Environment

Website:   http://www.drten.nl

Company Description : Dr Ten BV is a small, fast growing, Israeli-Dutch development company specialized in applied product and project development within the market of water, energy and health. The company was started by scientist Marnix ten Kortenaar after he finished his PhD in applied electrochemistry/physical chemistry and worked eight years in various multinationals. It has eight employees with various engineers. Dr Ten runs different applied R&D projects on own strength, on consultancy base and in consortia/subsidiy structures. New products that have been prepared are a new solar water purification system, waterfilters, polymer iceplate composites, bio-lubricants, different new batteries and fuel cells. Dr Ten has different patents. The strength of Dr Ten lays in the fast, focused translation of academic knowledge into products and processes ready for production. It has one Indian engineer.

Partner Interests:      
1) Potential customers/distributors of small scale water desalination systems, batteries and fuel cells. For instance: solar panel installment companies, production companies, sales companies etc.

2) Potential partners for European-Israeli-Indian FP7 projects in water and energy.

3) NGOs and companies producing or distributing water and energy products.

4) Companies looking for new cooling, water and energy technologies.


Company Name: Paulee CleanTec

Sector : Clean-Tech

Subsector:    Environment

Website: http://www.pauleecleantec.com

Company Description : Paulee CleanTec has developed the first device in the world which removes and does away with dogs/cats waste in real time at the location where it occurred.   This is achieved without human contact or environmental pollution. The patent which has been granted in the US and Europe will be used in other applications as well such as- Human waste (portable/chemical), boats, yachts, trains, MV caravans, livestock etc.

We, at Paulee Cleantec, have a revolutionary solution to two challenges in urban and rural development—processing human waste and providing adequate supplies of usable water. Universal problem with tremendous economic and public-health implications.

Paulee Cleantec is developing a waste-treatment system for toilet cabinet and for residential buildings as a centralized system that combines inexpensive chemicals (oxidizer) that are mixed with the solid waste and convert it into harmless sterile fertilizer with no bad odor.

The engineering breakthrough here is to harness the power of oxidizers to turn waste into usable ash and provide usable water. Therefore, the system will be an efficient, cost-effective, on-site sewage-treatment solution for use in urban and rural areas where no swags system exist or where access to fresh water is sporadic.

Technology Description: The central problem associated with the disposal of fresh feces is its health associated diseases lead by diarrhea. The new proposed toilet builds upon the exothermic reaction between stool and an oxidizing reagent to transform human excreta (stool and urine) to a source of energy, sterile water for toilet flushing and fertilizer. The proposed process is free of bad odor, pleasant and economic. The scientific principles underlying this proposal find their foundation in the fact that the organic content of stool reacts with the provided oxidizer in an exothermic reaction, to release heat and water vapor. Every 100 g of fresh stool contains approximately 70 g water. A large proportion of this fraction will be evaporated due to the energy generated from the oxidation reaction and the final product will be relatively dry and easy to handle.

Partner Interests :   We are looking for partners that will assist us in developing our technology in a way that will best serve the needs in various areas in India. The needs in rural areas differ from urban area and in order to develop it we need to learn from the locals. In addition, once the system will be adapted to local needs, we will need local people to manufacture the system and install it.


Company Name:   Ecopaint

Sector: Clean-Tech

Subsector:   Materials

Website: http://www.ecopaint.co.il

Company Description : Ecopaint was established in 2012 to develop water based   “green” antirust coatings and other eco-friendly products.

Technology Description:   We developed, a chelate system based on natural healthy materials which turns rust into magnetite which does not harm the metal but protects it. We also developed a top coat which protects the base coat against the elements. We also have in development anti corrosion material for concrete.

Our R&D team is working on other revolutionary paints in various fields.

Partner Interests : We are looking for costumers of the product (metal industry) AND a strategic partner who wants to invest in a joined venture and build a factory in India that will supply the Indians’ market needs.



Company Name:   Dagan Agriculture

Sector : Clean-Tech

Subsector: Agro-tech

Website: www.dagan.co.il

Company Description : Dagan is a worldwide multi-business company and one of Israel's leading companies in the field of Agricultural. Dagan has the experience and the ability to execute high technology and fully guided Turn Key projects. In order to achieve the best yield, we adjust each project to the costumer’s needs and climatic conditions while considering all environmental and ecological aspects. Dagan’s know-how is based on over 32 years of experience, practical daily work, side-by-side with leading growers, farmers and international experts and agronomists from agricultural institutes and research institutes. Our main fields of expertise: Greenhouses - Tailoring the most efficient type of greenhouses to different climatic conditions by combining different structures and covers, polymers & glass, with high technology climate controlled systems. Our greenhouses are suitable for wide range of crops in different growing techniques. Net houses - Inexpensive structures solutions with high protection. Different variations and options of shading, dark and bright shading nets, including Rolling and lifting systems, according to plant needs. Nurseries - Incubated propagations tables, boom irrigation and fogging systems, shading and computerize micro climatic control systems. Poultry - Ducks, Geese, Hens, Broilers, Broiler breeders, Pullets, Layers and Turkey hatchery & slaughter houses. Poultry farms with computerized climate control system, equipment and all necessary components. AutoLul – Dagan’s special for water and medical treatment Livestock feeding systems Silos, grain dryers, weighting systems and livestock feeding centers.   Dairy Farms - Cows, Buffalos Sheep and Goats. Complete & integrated projects including climate control systems, shading, special purpose yards, milking parlor, livestock husbandry and milk processing plant (dairy) as well as scraping and manure treatment systems. Dagan’s special for automatic open roof. Pig farms - Sows Breeding farms, genetic improvements and artificial inseminations. Hogs fattening farms. And complete compost processing system. Fish Farm - Intensive industrialized fish growing pools including computerize control Oxygen, feeding system and remote capability to fully control growth conditions.

Technology Description:   Thermal screenings, fans, cooling pads, heating systems, cooling systems, computerizing irrigation systems, climate control and meteorological stations.

Partner Interests : Investors, distributers, representative, privet sector, governmental sector. Looking for opportunities.


Company Name:   Enstorage Ltd.

Sector : Clean-Tech

Subsector: Energy

Website:   www.enstorageinc.com

Company Description : EnStorage develops low-cost Regenerative Fuel-Cell (RFC) energy-storage-system (ESS) for power grid load leveling and for capacity firming of solar and wind power generation plants. The company's ESS is smaller, more efficient and lower-cost than other energy storage systems. EnStorage regenerative fuel cell is based on the company’s breakthrough nano-porous proton-conducting membrane, made of ceramic nano-powder, and utilizes very low cost electrolytes for energy storage. The combination of the highly conductive membrane and low cost electrolytes, enables 4-5x cost reduction compared to other energy storage solutions.

Partner Interests: EnStorage is seeking two categories of partnerships:

1. Industrial system integrators that have experience with packaging system and preferably serve the power industry;

2. End users such as: Utilities, wind farm operators and solar farm operators.



Company Name: Aqwise

Sector : Clean-Tech

Subsector: Water

Website: www.aqwise.com

Company Description : Aqwise is a leading provider of biofilm-based biological processes designed to increase the capacity and efficiency of BOD and nutrient removal in water and wastewater treatment plants. Aqwise’s innovative AGAR® technology is used worldwide for rapid, scalable and economical upgrade of existing plants as well as for new plants which require a limited footprint and process stability.

Aqwise’s diverse portfolio of integrated solutions features a complementing set of technologies for effective, robust, cost efficient and small footprint end-to-end solutions. These range from solids separation and sludge dewatering systems to fully comprehensive water and wastewater treatment units and package plants. With dozens of municipal and industrial plants successfully implemented worldwide, Aqwise project deployment methodology and wide range of services are designed to meet global clients’ priorities and operational needs.

Partner Interests : Aqwise seeks an Indian partner to introduce its bio-film based technology - aerobic (MBBR, IFAS) and anaerobic (DANA, DACS) processes - for WWTPs in municipal sectors or in industrial sectors such as Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverages, Chemicals (Pharma & Agro), Textile, Oil & Gas and more. Indian partner should have market knowledge and experience in the industrial sectors indicated above and have capabilities to commission and run a Pilot Plant which may be required during the introduction process.



Company Name: Gaash Lighting

Sector: Clean-Tech

Subsector: Energy

Website: www.gaash.com

Company Description : Gaash Lighting is an innovative developer and manufacturer of high-quality lighting solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors. All Gaash products are designed and manufactured in-house at the company’s extensive, state-of –the-art facilities, which includes an on-site photometric laboratory. By appreciating and anticipating the needs of the market Gaash creates innovative products. These products, from the simplest to the most complex, are always reliable, easy to install and maintain      

Partner Interests : Companies with knowledge and experience in Lighting Science and Technology, especially in Photometric and Thermodynamics. Design of Opic Systems, Thermal conversion, and materials.



Company Name: Galam Ltd.

Sector : Clean-Tech

Subsector:   Agro-tech

Website : www.galamgroup.com

Company Description : Galam, Israel’s market leader in the manufacture of Fructose, Glucose and Starch has grown and flourished along with the country’s growing need for its products, in both the food and industrial sectors. Established in 1940, the company is owned by Kibbutz Maanit, an agricultural cooperative in the center of the country. The Galam team of about 250 employees is our most important resource and the key to our success. Therefore, our investment in ongoing training and professional development is top on our priority list. At Galam, our highly professional team is deeply committed to upholding our high standards in all areas. Galam is committed to producing top quality products while ensuring that all production lines are eco-friendly and safe. The company’s subsidiary Dagal imports food ingredients to complement the Galam product line for the local market. Over the last few years the company has formed additional subsidiaries producing an array of products and creating an international presence. Galam is experiencing constant growth and is continuing its worldwide expansion.

Partner Interests : We are looking for companies from our field (starch manufacturers) to collaborate with as well as customers especially multinationals such as Tata, Glaxo Indian Manufacturers of fructose infusions. Companies from the construction sector for possible starch based adhesives as well as mutual JV and other forms of partnerships. Galam brings to any partnership more than 70 years of experience and expertise in Agrobiotech production as well as process development.



Company Name: Koron Industries 1991 Ltd.

Sector : Clean-Tech

Subsector: Energy

Company Description : Koron supports complete design process, from conceptual to detailed design phase.   All types of documentation preparing and structural analysis. Participation in research and development programs of the European Union as well as international and regional research projects We are offering: Numerical analysis - static and dynamic; Vibration and noise analyses and measurements; Fatigue assessment; Advanced structural concepts; Safety by design; Optimization; Decision support systems; Testing - test design and planning; Technology Description

The Grid as Power Station, in the Smart Grid:

PV modules extended on electric lines

Project: Access to clean energy is of the urgent needs for the world today.

Koron industries 1991 Ltd. develops a unique patented system of an innovative solar power generation and distribution method. The project is observed by the IEC (Israeli Electricity Company), and the results will be materialized on power distribution grid that belongs to the IEC. We expect to deliver the technology of lightweight flexible solar flexible membranes combined with the distribution grid, to create an innovative system having extendable panels for power distribution and generation.

Advantages of this type of power generation system are:

Generating solar electricity very close to the local demand equals cost and paired with the current power price while reducing the requirements from the transmission and distribution grid system.

In the under-developed world where there is shortage of power supply deploying rapidly locally an urban size or village size complete power generation and distribution system with minimal technological and investment risk.

Lowering the overall cost of solar electricity while speeding up deployment and stabilizing the Grid.

Partner Interests : The ability to marketing and sale of the product in the local market in India; Adopting the product to the local market and setting a pilot for demonstration


HLS Companies


Company Name: Astronautics

Sector: HLS

Subsector: Avionics

Website: www.astronautics.co.il

Company Description: Avionics & military electronics supplier with worldwide customer base. Specializes in innovative avionics, with state of the art displays   & computers for airborne applications. Supplier of glass-cockpit avionics, digital moving map. Active in R&D for next generation avionics, as well as embedded cyber protection.

Technology Description:

1. Advanced embedded computers technology

2. Cyber protection in Embedded systems

3. Anomalies detection in embedded systems (in R&D)

4. Navigation systems and accurate positioning

Partner Interests :
1. Partners in developing embedded cyber protection solutions

2. Partners to cooperate with us in tailoring our products to the Indian market in general, and possibly take it to the HLS arena in particular.

3. Partners with knowhow in the area of image processing

4. Partners with capabilities, tools and knowhow in high-performance 3D visualization & synthetic vision algorithms

5. Partners with solutions & products such as hovercrafts, to support R&D effort using flying hovercrafts in an innovative manner

6. Knowledge in Air Traffic Control (ATC) data acquisition, for a future product – ADS/B and others. Hands on knowhow, with immediate possibility to develop related application based on the above. Access and knowhow to information such as the one used in FLIGHTSTATS Smartphone application.



Company Name : ESC BAZ Ltd.

Sector: HLS    

Website: www.escbaz.com

Company Description : ESC BAZ develops and manufactures Video Surveillance and Observation Systems for the Defense and HLS markets worldwide. With hundreds of installations and a vast experience in electronic and electro-optical system design, ESC-BAZ has positioned itself as a leading provider of wired, wireless and mobile observation systems, for both the government and civilian markets worldwide. ESC-BAZ is an approved supplier of the Israeli Department of Defense (DOD), the Foreign Department, the Police Department and many large technology companies. By focusing on a customer oriented approach, ESC-BAZ incorporates customer input and requirements into each one of its products, and is able to provide innovative and reliable products with short time to market, thanks to its experience in design, development and system integration.

Technology Description:         

Partner Interests :

§ R&D in the Defense and HLS markets

§ Electro-optic solutions

§ Pan&Tilt Units (Pedestals)

§ Hand-held remote controllers

§ Digital Video Recorders

§ Laser Range Finders (LRF)

§ Radar Systems

§ Security Fence Systems



Company Name: Tracense

Sector: HLS

Website: www.tracense.com                           

Company Description : Tracense develops trace detection devices based on large arrays of chemically modified nano-sensors. Such detection devices - able to sample air, liquid or particles – have extreme sensitivity and high reliability. The company focuses on applications in the Homeland Security and Law Enforcement fields, such as explosives, chemical warfare agents, biological threats and more. Specific applications include the protection of airports (persons, luggage, cargo), border crossings, critical infrastructure, government buildings and much more

Partner Interests : Companies involved with: Semi-conductors, explosives detection, chemical detectors, system integration; homeland security or law enforcement technologies



IT, Internet & Communications Companies


Company Name: Video Flow

Sector: Communications       

Subsector: Broadband

Website: www.video-flow.com

Company Description: Reducing the cost of professional live video delivery; High quality video over unmanaged public networks: VideoFlow product portfolio reduces the cost of professional B2B live high quality (SD, HD and above) video content delivery by maintaining the high video quality over any low cost unmanaged network including the public Internet.

Technology Description: VideoFlow’s DVP10, DVP100X, and the DVP1000 are designed to deliver live broadcast quality video over any unmanaged network like the public Internet hence reducing delivery cost.  VideoFlow’s video aware, cloud power VIA CONNECT toolset is designed to meet the requirements of the professional live contribution and distribution (C&D) needs.  This toolset offers effortless expansion and delivery of low cost high quality live video services in the cloud making it the solution of choice for DNG, syndication, occasional use, and last/first mile video quality protection.  The VideoFlow product portfolio is a proven, cost effective, and scalable solution widely adopted worldwide.

Proposed Project: Protecting the PoP  C&D - Implementing VideoFlow  technology in OTT’s servers; Supporting 300-600 streams (services) per server (1Gbps – 2Gbps); Protecting the distribution to the STBs - Integrating VideoFlow technology as add-on or plug-in to the STB;  Supporting two STB vendors: Linux based STB, Android based STB; Optional: Protecting the distribution to mobile - Integrating VideoFlow technology as a plug-in to the mobile device;  Integration with a player of choice, Android only

Partner Interests:  OTT operator that have R&D capabilities in the market technical needs. The ability to define market needs and to implement our technology to the local market

Company Name:
  Mars Antennas

Sector : Communications

Subsector: Wireless Infrastructure

Website:   http://www.mars-antennas.com

Company Description : MARS Antennas & RF Systems develops and manufactures specialized Antennas such as WLL, DECT, Rural Telephone antennas as well as ruggedized antennas for military applications. The company develops, Manufactures and maintains high power RF Transmission systems such as RF Power Amplifiers, Broad and Transmitters and RF Front Ends.

Technology Description:   RF sub-systems, RF Power Amplifiers, Broad and Transmitters and RF Front Ends.

Partner Interests :
• Mars is looking for partners in India which understand Antenna technology and well connected to the Telecom marketplace.

• We are also looking for Distributers & Resellers which are already in the business and can sell our products locally.

• We are also looking for a partner which is has marketing and manufacturing capabilities to manufacture the Antennas locally and able to sell it using its operational /Marketing wing.



Company Name:   Estateya

Sector : Internet

Subsector: Software

Website : http://www.estateya.com/

Company Description : Estateya is a social network for businesses and individuals in the area of real estate investing. Estateya's platform summarizes and rank deals by decision support tools such as: Information Ranking;   Social logarithms; Third party validation; Data mining integration.   This solution enables people to invest in real estate in a more credible and trustworthy way.

R&D Project: Developing a search engine for real estate investments purchases.

Partnership Interest: Seeking a software developer, architect: with background in mass user's platforms and have a proven experience in BI and data mining platforms. Looking for collaboration in: software development, defining of search methodology, and creating data collection mechanisms on selected market.



Company Name: Sentrycs Mobile

Sector: IT & Enterprise Software

Subsector: Security

Website: http://www.sentrycsmobile.sentry-com.net/

Company Description : SentryCom is software company that focuses in developing and commercializing of technologies, solutions and services that combat with   ID fraud and effects of Internet attacks. Internet attacks impact and disrupt Business-to-Consumer (B2C) interactions. These disruptions include Consumer-to-Business transactions and payments and Business-to-Consumer data communications.

SentryCom has developed two innovative Software-as-a-Services designed to address existing B2C vulnerabilities. These Services are hosted on Cloud by Amazon Web Services in US and EU.

Technology Description: Sentrycs Mobile is an Identity Management-as-a-Service for Business Application Developers and IT Architects. Sentrycs Mobile is a next-generation password replacement technology .Sentrycs Mobile Service includes user's ID Claim (registration), ID Proof (optional) and ID Verification, including real-time, multi-factor, strong authentication. The Service binds user's ID to user's mobile phone and his/her voiceprint. Sentrycs Mobile strong authentication includes mutually independent elements: Caller ID, Spoken PIN, Spoken Application-Specific Authorization Code-beyond reach of fraudsters, Voice Biometrics algorithm running in the background. Proprietary and patented Voice Biometrics algorithm prevents replay and record/playback attacks.

See the following demo of Sentrycs Mobile : http://youtu.be/T3G0RSqM4ps

Sentrycs Mobile is resilient to Internet attacks (patent pending). Sentrycs Mobile enables secure transaction and access using any endpoint device, even device compromised with malicious software.

Partner Interests : Business Application Developers and IT Architects for Web and Mobile applications, such as Financials, Health Care, Government, Gaming, Dating, Voting and others.



Company Name: PowerPlug Ltd

Sector: IT & Enterprise Software

Subsector: Enterprise Applications

Website: http://www.powerplugltd.com

Company Description : PowerPlug is a leading provider of PC Power Management software for organizations.   PowerPlug's mission is to reduce the environmental and financial impact of PC power consumption, cutting organizational costs and carbon emissions without interference to IT operations and end-user productivity.

PowerPlug's products operate in organizations with as little as 200 PCs and as many as 40,000 PCs, including healthcare organizations, financial institutions, telecom companies, government ministries and others.

Technology Description : PowerPlug Pro - PowerPlug Pro is a leading PC Power Management platform, enabling organizations to monitor, manage and reduce PC power consumption. PowerPlug Pro ensures that PCs throughout the organization comply with organizational power-saving policies, while making sure that power savings do not interrupt IT or end-user activities.

PowerPlug Wakeup Portal - The PowerPlug Wakeup Portal is a web-based service that presents employees with the PCs they are allowed to access, and enables them to wake-up each PC with a single mouse click.

Partner Interests:   IT integrators, energy saving specialists and other energy efficiency vendors.


Company Name:   DBS-H Ltd.

Sector: IT & Enterprise Software

Subsector: Enterprise Applications

Website: http://www.dbs-h.com

Company Description : DBS-H is Jerusalem based startup that develops solution for a continuous data integration between SQL and BigData databases in private, hybrid or public cloud environments. Cloud, BigData and Internet of Things (IoT), revolutionary change the way we generate, process and store enormous amount of data. However BigData is not going to replace traditional relational databases. We believe in evolution of hybrid approach where SQL based relational and BigData databases are running side by side. Having continuously integrated relational and BigData databases enables enterprises to step into BigData reality and avoid data islands chaos

Technology Description:   CR8 – is a DBS-H solution for a continuous data integration between relational and BigData databases. Key advantages on CR8 data integration: ü Integration with relational and NoSQL data sources ,like Oracle and MongoDB ü Plug and play – delivered in a form of ready to use virtual appliance ü Continuous data integration that’s near real-time – Captures, transforms, routes, and delivers database transactions across heterogeneous database platforms with negligible impact on system performance. ü Solution flexibility – Target database is open for reads and writes to enable a range of business needs. ü Flexible business model : subscription fee or based of processed data volume

Partner Interests:      

1. Potential customers

2. Distribution channel partner

3. Technology partners

4. Embedding our solution in a partner product

5. Development partnership in UI design

6. Investors



Company Name:   Noa Systems Ltd.

Sector : IT & Enterprise Software

Subsector: Internet Applications

Website: http://rananhaas.wix.com/noa-systems

Company Description : Noa Systems Ltd. was established as an OD and vocational consulting firm based on HPIT (Human Performance improvement Technology). Today Noa Systems Ltd. combines HPI consulting and HPIT (Human Performance improvement Technologies) in the development of psychologically based web services & applications. The concept of HPIT (Human Performance improvement Technologies) is implemented it in our websites. We invented technologies that improve self-fulfillment, personal satisfaction and personal achievements and growth. Noa Systems is a world-wide unique provider of innovative psychologically based web services in the emerging market of New Media.

Partner Interests:   We are looking for partners who can help us to penetrate the Indian market. A partner who has the ability to develop the current business in the Indian market. Such a partner should be interested in the development of human capital in India. Partner can be a leading website or business entity, who would like to enter the media world in which we operate.



Company Name: RF4ID

Sector: Communications

Subsector: Wireless Infrastructure

Website: www.rf4id.com

Company Description : RF4ID is focused on providing industry's smartest RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions. RF4ID is developing RFID solutions for the supply chain and logistics. RF4ID consultants have more than 10 years’ experience in developing, integrating and implementing various Active and Passive RFID projects. Among these projects: RFID solution for a Container Freight Station in India.

Technology Description: Smart logic system commercial solution in identifying RFID tags on the pallets on the locations in a warehouse - RF4ID Smart Logistic System © (SLS) The SLS is a patented solution to trace goods on pallets and their location in Warehouses and in the Supply Chain, based on the RFID Technology. The SLS can reduce the operational costs of the Supply Chain by 20-30 %.   The SLS solution consists of a portable sleeve mounted on a forklift tine which includes an RFID reader, battery and wireless communication to the SLS Controller mounted in the forklift cabin, RFID Pallets and RFID marked locations in the warehouse. The SLS provides the Warehouse Management System precise and real time information regarding the pallet ID and its' location in the warehouse. You are welcome to see a movie of the SLS: http://www.rf4id.com/albums/videos   

R&D Project: Smart logic system commercial solution in identifying RFID tags on the pallets on the locations in a warehouse - RF4ID Smart Logistic System © (SLS) The SLS is a patented solution to trace goods on pallets and their location in Warehouses and in the Supply Chain, based on the RFID Technology. The SLS can reduce the operational costs of the Supply Chain by 20-30 %.   The SLS solution consists of a portable sleeve mounted on a forklift tine which includes an RFID reader, battery and wireless communication to the SLS Controller mounted in the forklift cabin, RFID Pallets and RFID marked locations in the warehouse. The SLS provides the Warehouse Management System precise and real time information regarding the pallet ID and its' location in the warehouse. You are welcome to see a movie of the SLS: http://www.rf4id.com/albums/videos    

Partnership Interest: Experience in developing RFID solutions, especially for logistics, wireless communication, embedded computers, mechanical engineering (forklifts)



Life Science Companies


Company Name: FiberSpin

Sector:   Life Science

Subsector: Medical Device

Company Description: Producing, manufacturing and developing medical fibers using bio-natural materials and novel nanotechnology manufacturing process. The medical fibers can be used as medical textile, medical sutures, hernia meshes etc. The business main focus is on developing the next generation of medical sutures

Technology Description: FiberSpin’s platform technology is based on a proprietary process and formulation to produce unique insoluble nano-fibers that are stable in aqueous environment without any activation or crosslinking. These fibers largely maintain its native structure and keeps its physiological and biological properties.   Fiberspin developed a method to align and twist the nano fibers in order to achieve desirable physical properties similar to other commercial sutures.   The biological sutures are a better alternative to other commercial sutures because of its mechanical, biological and topological properties. The new biologic suture has low immunogenicity, biodegradability and native cell-binding domains. These physiological and biological properties of the suture make it a good candidate for use in biomedical devices, such as tissue engineering scaffolds, drug delivery vehicles, cell substrates, wound pads, sutures, and others.

Partnership Interests:   Partners to help Scale up the custom made manufacturing process. Textile Medical device technology expertise. Deep medical textile manufacturing and developing capabilities. Electropinning processing expertise and new technology developer.


Company Name:
3QBD Ltd

Sector: Life sciences

Subsector: Diagnostics

Website:   www.3qbd.com    

Company Description: 3QBD Ltd is a start up company which develops technologies of detecting of Biogenic Amines by IMS technology. Biogenic Amines are degraded amino acids through micro organism enzymatic processes. We have shown that elevated levels of Biogenic Amines are a good indicator of infections in women genital system, in swine reproduction system in cows organs and currently are developing it as signs of food freshness and safety. We have proved a good correlation between abnormal conditions and the levels of Biogenic Amines.

Our company is looking to expand its business globally, to introduce our products worldwide. The advantages of our technology is accuracy, fast, objective results, easy to use and at reasonable cost.

Technology Description: Chemical changes in living systems, or degradation of cells after death through enzymatic and microbial processes, are accompanied by the breakdown of amino-acids and production of biogenic amines. Pathological conditions in the human body may be expressed in the formation of biogenic amines, so that elevated levels of biogenic amines can be indicative of dysfunctions.

VG-Test: The VGTest is 3QBD's patented in-vitro diagnostic device for detection of Vaginitis diseases. It uses Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology to rapidly detect (within 90 seconds) biogenic amines (BA) directly from vaginal swabs.

V-Test: Dairy and meat production are the main sources that provide proteins for the need of the growing world- population.

Partner Interests : We are looking for a strategic partner for distribution of our products in India. We would like to cooperate in further R&D in gynecology field for detecting additional diseases of women genital system by our VG-Test; such as: GBS & HPV.

The main characteristics shall be:

1- knowing the market, and be known in the market,

2-   has experience in R&D of IVD devices and abilities to do that; such as human & financial resources,

3- Experience to launch new technologies with new concept into the market.



Company Name: NovellusDx Ltd.

Sector: Life Sciences

Subsector:   Diagnostics

Website: http://www.novellusdx.com            

Company Description : Cancer is one of a leading diseases in India, and the number of deaths from cancer is rising each year.   The Indian population, because of its unique eco-system, suffers acutely from specific cancer types, like head and neck cancers, that are less common in the rest of the world. In addition to the human tragedy, the economic impact of cancer is growing rapidly and becoming one of the most serious challenges for health systems around the world.

NovellusDx looks at cancer as a “signaling disease”. The tumor is only the symptom and we are looking at what causes it.   In this, we understand that each cancer patient is unique and needs a systematic approach to his or her cure. Our “Dx Outcome”, based on the patient biopsy, is a recommendation report to the physician supporting the development of a targeted therapy strategy.

NovellusDx has two revenue streams:

Personalized Medicine – Costly targeted therapies continue to have low response rates due to uncharacterized mutations, the tumor’s microenvironment and internal resistance mechanisms.

Drug Development – Pharmaceutical companies’ main obstacle is the length and size of clinical trials, which are time-consuming, costly and eat away at future profits from drug sales.

Technology Description: NovellusDx has developed a high-throughput, gene-by-gene oncogenic activity assay, which rapidly identifies the actionable mutations within a given patient tumor. Unlike sequencing-based tests, NovellusDx is based on a functional assay that detects dysregulation of signaling pathways. This allows identification of functionally impactful driver mutations regardless of whether the mutation has been previously described or not. Moreover, NovellusDx’s assay allows us to examine the impact of drugs on a specific tumor, in terms of its ability to inhibit the deregulated signaling pathways.

Partner Interests : Main Hospital Organizations - Customers

Pharma Companies – Expanding Targets, Supporting the Identification of New Targets

Major CRO’s - Improved Patient Selection For Clinical Trials

Life-Science R&D Centers and Academia – Customers and R&D Partnerships

Life Science and DX Companies – JV and Distribution



Company Name: Omplant Ltd.

Sector: Life Sciences

Subsector: Medical Devices

Website: www.omplant.com               

Company Description: Omplant is a private company (Dr. Boaz Hetsroni),after years of   expenses and time devoting to the project, the device called Omplant driver is manufactured in Israel. It   is today a higly appreciated product by all leading prof. and opinion leaders in the field of implantology(not just in Israel where it is part of all hospitals and universities). I made few steps but still could not sell it abroad in big quantities-but every user will say this is the future of all dental clinic worldwide .   India is one of the target market where we look   for partners for distributing .   we are now developing a new implantology device that might be a breakthrough too, so finding R&D cooperation in India in considered too .

Technology Description: First and only available device with the capability of handling prosthetics parts on dental implant- Research to replace the hand driver with a cordless special device and set   took 5 years and goes far ahead beyond   the other competitors   who tried to achieve this : W&H and NSK...

-The result of the development , the omplant driver set is a must- have tool that provides unbelievable   speed, safety, and comfort   to the dental practitioner.

Partner Interests: R&D in the field of dental devices



Company Name: Oralsave

Sector : Life Sciences

Subsector:   Medical Devices

Website: http://www.oralsave.com

Company Description: OralSave is a medical device company specialising in developing innovative ways to treat oral cancer.

Technology Description : Patients suffering from oral cancer often suffer debilitating side effects from treatment itself. OralSave’s patented technology provides patient specific radiation shielding and delivery to the oral cavity.

Partner Interests: We would be happy to connect with anyone involved in the diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer in India. Connections to major hospitals and cancer treatment centres would be welcome. We are also interested in speaking with insurance companies and experts in Indian medical device regulation.



Company Name: Latimeria

Sector: Life Sciences

Subsector: Agrobio-tech


Company Description: Latimeria aims to establish advanced fish breeding centers for the production of fingerlings. Our goal is to lead the commoditization of fingerlings worldwide; starting in Israel with the production of grey mullet (Mugil cephalus) fingerlings as our first product. By implementing our unique Water-Ring system, along with our expert biological know-how, we aim to procure high quality fingerlings year-round. The commoditization of fingerlings will assist commercial fish farms to address the growing demand for fish by increasing their yearly production yields; increasing global supply for human nutrition.

Technology Description: Latimeria has been operating a successful pilot facility since September 2011. The pilot is located at Kibbutz Ein Shemer’s Ecological Greenhouse. The major focus of the pilot project was to develop and calibrate our unique Water-Ring system, a minimum discharge – generic recirculating aquaculture system specifically designed to target the biological needs of broodstocks, a task that we successfully achieved. The pilot facility has been operating under “true conditions”, that is, mimicking a commercial broodstock operation, but in a smaller scale. Five Water-Ring systems are fully operational holding model broodstocks of grey mullet. Nevertheless, to this date, we focused on one of the three elements of a breeding center – the broodstocks. Work on the other two elements, food chain and hatchery, is currently in progress. On average, 130,000 tons of grey mullets are consumed world-wide per year. Most of them in Egypt. Fingerling supply is captured-based. Average yearly Israeli consumpsion is 2,000 tons and. Each year, four to nine million grey mullet fingerlings are caught along the Israeli coast line and its estuaries, and shipped to inland fish farms to be raised for 24-36 months. Due to this availability and the lack of breeding knowhow, progress was not made to establish a commercial breeding center, locally and worldwide. As such, grey mullet growers are under suppression and suffer from the following bottle-neck supply problems: • A profitable fish with limited capture-based fingerlings supply • Non-sustainable, irregular and unpredicted supply • One non-optimal stocking season • Unfavorable mullet species




Company Name: Prestigio (Dermazor)

Sector: Life Sciences

Subsector: Therapeutics

Website: http://www.dermazor.net

Company Description: Prestigio has developed a therapeutic skin treatment called DermaZor for people who suffer from skin conditions such as Psoriasis and lesions.



Company Name: Cupron Scientific

Sector: Life Sciences

Subsector: Industrial

Website: www.cupron.com

Company Description : Cupron is a private, global, company based in Herzlia, Israel and in Richmond VA, USA.

Cupron is focused on developing and providing the unique antimicrobial and skin healing benefits of our copper technology in a broad range of global application. We developed a propriety technology to embedded copper into different polymeric materials (Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene, solid surfaces   ...).

Our focus is to combine our Copper Technology into textiles, polymers, and other substrates to help address some of the world's larger health / lifestyle issues. Among our customers are multinational consumer products companies, Textile producers and Brands and Hospitals in the US and Israel that are using our textiles to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections.

To our customers we offer few business models.  

1. To provide raw materials for the creation of products like yarns, polymers and fabrics.

2. To provide technology through license agreement and support the development with our development teams.

3. In two areas we sell finish goods and services:

a. A complete line of Hospital/health facility antimicrobial textiles to decrease the HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections)

b. Antimicrobial, Skin care socks :

i. To support and improve the life style of diabetic customers.

ii. To service Military and Industrial organization where feet health is a major important issue.

Technology Description:   The main products/Services:

1. Materials:

a. Yarns and fabric to the textile industry to enhance products with an antimicrobial and skin enhancement properties.

b. Polymeric master batch to the solid surfaces and polymeric molded products to enhance products with antimicrobial/mold properties.

2. Finish goods:

a. A complete line of Hospital/health facility antimicrobial textiles to decrease the HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections)

b. Antimicrobial, Skin care socks :

i. To support and improve the life style of diabetic customers.

ii. To service Military and Industrial organization where feet health is a major important issue.

B) The technology

• Easily embedded into various fibers, yarns, substrates and polymers.

• Well protected by multiple patents Cupron's patent portfolio includes over 35 granted and pending patents   worldwide.

• Durable and non-leaching

• Clinically proven

• Registered with the US EPA.

• Environmentally Friendly as it is based on recycled, non-soluble and natural copper oxide

• Safe – Clinically proven to be non-sensitizing and non-irritating to the skin

• Published over 30 scientific articles in scientific journals.

• Awarded the Grand Challenges Exploration grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Partner Interests        • We look for a proper partner/distributor to distribute our products and technology into the Indian market.  

• We will support with materials and knowhow to integrate copper in different materials and polymeric products.

• A potential partner should have the reach to local health systems or hospitals.

• The partner should have the ability to conduct a local field trial/study if needed to penetrate with the antimicrobial textiles into the local market.

  For the socks business – the partner should have the   distribution contacts in the diabetic/health organization that recommend products for diabetic patients.



Company Name: Biop Medical Ltd.

Sector : Life Sciences

Subsector: Medical Devices

Website : http://www.biopmedical.com

Company Description : Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women worldwide. Approximately 6% of cytology tests return with abnormal findings and are referred to follow-on screening; namely, colposcopy, the gold standard for cervical cancer screening. Unfortunately, colposcopies are severely limited. They are not sensitive to precancerous conditions, are not objective, and have a high rate of false positive and negative. In only a small minority of these cases is cervical cancer confirmed.   The result: Thousands of unnecessary colposcopies and a long complicated screening process (from Pap test to biopsy results).

Technology Description: Biopmedical has developed an innovative technology for identifying cancerous cells in epithelial tissue. Biop’s real-time screening tool offers standard colposcope capabilities with state-of-the-art, enhanced features. The novel device combines advanced, high-resolution optics with integrated micro and macro cameras and other optical elements to produce highly sensitive optical signatures for automatic identification of suspicious areas and quantification of the cancer stage. The collected data is combined and analyzed using Biop’s proprietary algorithm. Preliminary commercialization of Biop’s proprietary transducer will supplement or replace current colposcopy technologies.

The Advantages

• Enables diagnosis of cancer and pre-cancerous tissues

• Automatically scans entire cervix for point-of-care diagnosis

• Generates a real-time map of the cervix for accurate biopsy, when necessary

• Eliminates dependency on operator proficiency due to software analysis

• Reduces the wait time (and associated anxiety) between testing and diagnosis

• Generates data sets for “big data”

Partner Interests: R&D - Optics, R&D Plastic, Clinical trials –CRO




Company Name : Aferrix

Sector : Life Sciences

Subsector: Diagnostics

Website:   www.aferrix.com

Company Description : Aferrix   is an innovative developer of tools for the early diagnosis and monitoring of toxic iron in the serum. The company has developed several methods that quantify different forms of toxic iron in the serum which are not detected by conventional tests. Aferrix offers iron testing services and kits for research and treatment centers that specialize in iron over load diseases and to pharmaceutical companies that are developing iron chelators.

Technology Description : Fluorescence-based assay for the detection of redox-active Labile Plasma Iron (LPI), Rapid test for the detection of Directly Chelatable Iron (DCI) - all DFO accessible iron forms.

Partner Interests : Aferrix is looking to partnership with researchers/clinicians who are interested iron metabolism and iron toxicity.  

Researchers/clinicians who are interested in beta Thalassemia and Myeodysplastic syndromes.

Researchers/ clinicians who are interested in chronic kidney disease and other iron deficiency anemias.

Aferrix is interested in clinical utility studies that will lead to the incorporation fo Aferrix technology in routine patients care.

Aferrix is also looking to partner with pharmaceutical companies who are developing and producing iv iron supplements.     Aferrix technology can be used as a safety measure during drug development and production.



Company Name: Can-Fite Biopharma

Sector : Life Sciences

Subsector: Therapeutics

Website:   http://www.canfite.com

Company Description : Can-Fite is a biopharmaceutical company with fully integrated pharmaceutical discovery and clinical development capabilities. The company has an advanced pipeline of proprietary compounds in phase 2 and 3 clinical development stage, which address autoimmune-inflammatory and cancer diseases.

Technology Description : The company platform technology utilizes the Gi protein associated A3 adenosine receptor (A3AR) as a therapeutic target. A3AR is highly expressed in inflammatory and cancer cells where low expression is found in normal cells, suggesting that the receptor could be a unique target for pharmacological intervention. The company compounds bind with nM affinity to the A3AR and initiate de-regulation of the NF-kB and the Wnt signal transduction pathways resulting in anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.

Partner Interests : Can Fite is looking to out license it's drugs under development to Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies in the field of Oncology and Inflammatory diseases.



Company Name:   GluSense

Sector: Life Sciences

Subsector: Medical Devices

Website: www.glusensemedical.com  

Company Description : GluSense is developing a long-term implantable continuous glucose sensor (CGM). The sensor is intended for Type 1 diabetes patients who require a large number of blood glucose measurements per day and could benefit from an accurate, long term continuous sensor that does not require frequent calibrations and sensor replacements as currently available CGM products. GluSense unique, novel technology enables the sensor to operate over many months up to a year.  

Partner Interests : GluSense would be interested to collaborate with any company having a technology which may contribute to GluSense sensor. Specific areas of collaboration may include for example:

1. Development of miniature electro-optical detection unit

2. Cell line development

3. Cell encapsulation     

Partnership Interests: According to the proposed areas of collaboration, a potential partner should have either:

1. Expertise in the development of miniature electronics and/or optics (best – both) supporting medical device standards.

2. Cell banking and/or expertise in developing cell lines

3. Technology for encapsulation of cells, providing long term viability and functionality in-vivo



Company Name: Sight Diagnostics (Parasight)

Sector: Life Sciences

Subsector: Medical Devices & Diagnostics

Website: www.parasight.com

Company Description : The company develops a medical device which is a platform for point-of-care blood diagnostics using image processing. Its first application is malaria diagnostics. It has run official clinical trials in India under the supervision of the National Institute for Malaria Research and has proved to be a much improved device over the technologies in the market: microscopy and Rapid Detection Tests providing results similar to sophisticated PCR (99.4% sensitivity; 98% specificity even at very low parasite load levels). This is done in a very short time (4 minutes) and at a competitive price.

Partner Interests : We are seeking distributors with proven experience in the pathology lab market with preference for those who can also assemble the device in India.  



Company Name: Emerald Medical Applications LTD.

Sector: Life Sciences

Subsector:    Healthcare IT

Website: https://dermacompare.com/pages/Login.aspx

Company Description : Emerald Medical Applications is operating in the field of image processing software infrastructure solutions for an extensive range of applications in diverse medical business areas such as EEG, X-Ray, bio-imaging, etc. Emerald Medical Applications focus on digital image processing, using computer algorithms to perform image process over digital images. This technology will enable a wide range of applications using diverse algorithms. DermaCompare is the first application to utilize our sophisticated image processing technology. The skin lesions detection software solution is designed to revolutionize the process of diagnosing melanoma, the major cause of skin cancer related mortality. DermaCompare supports early stage diagnosis of skin cancer by providing constant monitoring of suspicious skin lesions using various imaging methods, thereby significantly increasing the chances of treating the condition, as well as lowering the cost and complexity of treatment.

R&D Project:   Our ultimate goal is to create a holistic solution with 360° panoramic 3D"shower" cameras available at hospitals and main clinics, as well as an intelligent multi-camera pod for smaller clinics.

Partnership Interest:   We would like to cooperate with: (1) Optical medical hardware solutions providers; (2) Expertise in medical device hardware engineering and artificial intelligence technology; (3) Augmented reality, based on Mobile; (4) HMOs, Insurance companies, Hospitals


Miscellaneous Tech Companies


Company Name: Decell

Sector: Misc.

Subsector: Transportation

Website : www.decell.com

Company Description : Decell Technologies is a leading provider of premium real-time, historical, and predictive road traffic information and services. Decell uses its sophisticated technology to analyze and integrate different types of raw location data, such as anonymous cellular data, GPS data, and 3rd party sources. This smart data fusion generates Swift-i traffic®, Decell's high-quality, wide-coverage road traffic information.        

R&D Project: Decell proposes a project where accurate road traffic information could be used to improve road infrastructure, operation and planning                                                            

Partnership Interest : Experience in the Transportation sector with strong preference to the ITS field (Intelligent transportation systems). Possible technological knowledge in traffic monitoring (both HW and SW).




Company Name: Loginno Logistic Innovation Ltd.

Sector: Misc.

Subsector: Logistics

Website:   www.loginno.com

Company Description: Loginno is an international provider of affordable and powerful smart monitoring services for dry containers that include online intrusion detection, continuous positioning reporting and smart surroundings analysis.    

R&D Project: Logistics Technology - Further development of a working product: the world's only invisible & total shipping container alarm system. Project will focus on adding new innovative features and improving usability to existing product, as well as modify product to fit new markets and needs. Partner will enjoy immediate sales and providing value added services to customers.       

Partnership Interest: Preferred: Logistics Company: Freight forwarder, 3PL,4PL, Shipping company; Also Optional: Technology-oriented company with current/desired activity in Logistics; Big company (doesn't have to be a tech company) currently selling to the Logistics market.



Company Name : Like-A-Fish Technologies Ltd.

Sector: Misc.

Subsector : Industrial

Website: www.likeafish.biz

Company Description : Like-A-Fish Technologies develops and provides a tankless diving gear that is able to extract air from water

R&D Project : Method for breathing underwater without compressed air cylinders - The new method extracts dissolved air from the seas for breathing purposes, allows humans to breathe underwater for very long periods of time, requiring only a power source. Because of bulkiness considerations, initial effort is directed towards submarines, diving scooters and underwater habitats

Partnership Interest: Interested parties in undersea activities: navies, oil companies, underwater exploration, defense contractors.



Company Name:   SMUFS Biometric Solution LTD

Sector:   Security Semiconductors

Website: http://www.smufsbio.com                

Company Description : SMUFS Biometric Solutions is an Israeli startup developing and manufacturing unique mobile biometric hardware and software solutions for integrators and end-users primarily in the mobile domain. SBS patents proprietary (pending) biometric algorithms, software technology and devices were developed in Israel and India. The commercial research, development and headquartered are in the Israeli Negev.   Manufacturing is currently done in Thailand.    The company is a development partner of Digital Persona, the world’s leading manufacturer of high sensitivity biometric capacitor sensors.

SBS vision is to introduce the world with the mobile, economic and environmental benefits of digital authentication by making it easier for organizations and individuals to adopt biometric authentication. SMUFS makes this a reality by developing a new generation of ultra-reliable, ultra-secure and cost-effective biometric fingerprint solutions that safeguard individual identity, while making solutions more economically viable.

Partner Interests : We have 3 possibilities of partnership in India:

1. Integrator, which gives the full solution to his customer and that will adopt our solutions as integral components in his system.

2. Investor

3. Marketing – a company which has strong connection in both public and government sectors. And can push our products to the right hand. This company should have experience working with the UIDAI (Aadhaar).

Sector which we are interested in, involved police, security, banks, finance, HR, health-care fields.



Company Name: Orbotech

Sector: Semiconductors

Subsector: Fabrication and Testing

Website: http://www.orbotech.com

Company Description : Orbotech designs, develops, manufactures, markets and services automated optical inspection (AOI) systems for bare PCBs, FPDs, and imaging solutions for PCB production. Its innovative AOI, imaging and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM and Engineering) technologies enable electronic manufacturers to achieve the increased yields and throughput essential for retaining their leading positions at the forefront of electronics production.

Technology Description: Optics and Image Acquisition, Algorithms and Image Processing, Fine Mechanics, Motion and Process Control, Laser Machining, System Engineering.


Company Name : Radar Obstacle Detection (ROD)  

Sector: Aeronautics

Website : www.rodradar.com

Company Description : ROD develops innovative radars that facilitate automated detection of objects. ROD achieves these results by integrating proprietary signal processing algorithms (and sometimes customized DSP chips) with existing radar and display hardware. Radar systems that use ROD technology are lightweight, low cost, and can quickly and reliably detect relevant objects and obstacles in all weather conditions. ROD has successfully tested its technology as an early warning sensor for wire detection in manned and unmanned aircraft. ROD is also developing its solution for the perimeter and border security market and for other attractive industries.

Partner Interests: ROD is looking for R&D, manufacturing and marketing cooperation for its Radar technology. ROD will be happy to partner with an Indian company in the Radar/aeronautics sector for its current technology and/or the development of future products. ROD is seeking Indian partners with:

• Aerospace and/or Radar and/or Defense position in the market.

• Manufacturing capabilities.

• R&D capabilities in RF and DSP.

• Technology end user/first customer



Company Name : Tactile World Ltd.   

Sector: Misc.

Website : www.tactile-world.com

Company Description : The company’s goal is to provide an additional dimension to human interaction with computers thru tactile sensation.   Another focus is creating affordable, simple to use, graphically enabled, portable accessibility tools for the 40 million blind and 246 million visually impaired people around the world.

Our computer mouse for the blind is especially suited for India as existing equipment cost $5000 per unit while ours costs less than $500 and the price can eventually be reduced much lower. When we presented our products in Techshare India in New Delhi, we met with great praise.

Technology Description: Our technology is represented by 4 US patents and 3 patents pending in US, China and various other countries   for tactile sensation output and gesture input that can be used for games and cell phones for sighted and blind. The fourth US patent was granted in March,   2014.

1.        The Tactile Explorer (TE) is integrating unique hardware and software which makes it possible for blind people to work in an office just like sighted people. The Tactile Explorer’s hardware is a unique design of a tactile computer mouse incorporating two pads of 4X4 pins on the top of the mouse.   The Tactile Explorer   provides full-scale access for the blind to computer information: WEB, Microsoft Office, games, educational materials, etc.   It is reading (Braille and regular letters output), seeing graphics, navigating thru the computer screen and playing interactive tactile games.

2.        TW compact, portable   Refreshable Braille Display (RBD) due to our new patented technology is the cheapest RBD in the world. The cost for the end user will be at least six to ten times less than existing RBDs.

3.        TW high resolution Tactile Graphic Display for sighted and blind will spearhead a new generation of games for sighted that include a new dimension based on tactile sensation.    A miniature version can be incorporated in mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, etc. This display having, for example, pin matrix with N (e.g. 30) rows and M (e.g. 20) columns uses a significantly smaller amount of moving actuators than N*M (600). The patented design allows achieving pin density at least twice larger than for standard Braille cells presently used for construction of RBDs. Therefore this display can also provide high quality graphics representation

4.        The TW aid for on-screen magnifier with orientation and navigation abilities is a system for assisting the sighted and visually impaired to conveniently view displayable magnified text, graphics and maps (e.g. Google Maps). Presently available magnifiers suffer from serious negative aspects caused by the nature of magnification where the user is only able to manipulate the location of the magnified area and is easily lost while zooming in and out.


R&D Project: Ou r prototypes of The Tactile Explorer (TE)   and TW compact, portable   Refreshable Braille Display (RBD)   are ready. We are looking for a partner to assist in funding, manufacturing and sales in this hundred million dollar per year market.

The TW high resolution Tactile Graphic Display and the TW aid for on-screen magnifier   for sighted   as well as blind people have far larger markets. These projects are early R&D stage and the prototypes should be developed.

Partner Interest: A large firm, well financed and experienced in manufacturing computer peripherals. Collaboration in building a prototype for The TW high resolution Tactile Graphic Display and in   alpha-stage development of TW aid for on-screen magnifier.