(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)


MAGNET Consortiums 

The MAGNET incentive program (Generic Pre-Competitive Technological R&D) focuses on consortiums of industrial companies and research institutions that collaborate to develop innovative technologies.

The consortiums enable long-term R&D and create a supportive work environment. Collaboration with industry also strengthens the commercialization capabilities of research institutions and assists them in understanding market needs.

Goal of the incentive program:
To assist in the development of generic technologies in important fields in the global market, in which Israeli industry has a competitive advantage. Since the incentive program specializes in the development of infrastructural technology, it allows distribution of knowledge and cooperation between companies operating in the same field, which may be difficult to achieve otherwise.

Who is the incentive program for?
  • Israeli manufacturing companies developing competitive products and simultaneously seeking to develop innovative technologies, which can be used as a basis to develop a new and advanced generation of products.
  • Israeli academic research groups engaged in scientific or technological research, seeking to promote applied research as part of a consortium, as well as to collaborate with the industry and study the market needs.

What do you get?
  • The amount of the grant provided through the consortium is up to 66% of the approved budget for an industrial company and 100% of the approved budget for a research institution (80% as a grant and 20% from the industrial companies in the consortium).
  • The operating period is three to five years, in order to facilitate a long-term R&D process.

Why should you apply for this incentive program?
Exposure to new knowledge: The cooperation exposes the companies to new knowledge and allows collaborative R&D in ways that otherwise would not have been possible.

Solid ground for development: Long-term financial support, exemption from repayment of royalties, supply of the necessary equipment and creation of collaborations between leading industrial companies and academia serve as an expedient and solid framework for developing breakthrough technologies, as well as offer the consortium members an industrial advantage and contribute to the Israeli economy in general.

No royalties: The companies participating in this incentive program are exempt from paying royalties for repayment of grant funds transferred to them through the consortium.

How to apply?
  1. Prior to application, please carefully read the complete list of conditions, which specify the rights and obligations of the companies and organizations in the consortium, as detailed on the Authority’s website.
  2. The application for membership in a consortium should be submitted in accordance with the guidelines published by the Technological Infrastructure Division.
  3. Following the above-mentioned guidelines, the Technological Infrastructure Division will hold a specialized conference with the participation of the core initiators of the consortium, as well as other companies and academic research groups that have expressed interest in joining the initiative. After the conference, the companies will formulate a preliminary document justifying the establishment of the consortium, which should be submitted to the Technological Infrastructure Division by the 1st of October each year.
  4. In an annual meeting held every November, a dedicated committee will consider whether to give an approval in principle to the establishment of the consortium. The approval will be given after considering other proposals submitted to the Technological Infrastructure Division that year. The approval in principle should not be considered as a confirmation of the Technological Infrastructure Division to begin work as part of a consortium.
  5. After receiving an approval in principle for the establishment of the consortium, a complete request for support of the consortium should be submitted to the Technological Infrastructure Division. Fill out the online documents and forms, available on the Authority’s website. These documents should be signed by the authorized signatories of the applying company or the research institution and sent by email.
  6. The application should include un-scanned source files and scanned signatures pages in the relevant forms.
  7. The application by research institutes should be submitted as a single unit that includes all the relevant projects at once, with the addition of all the required accompanying documents.

For additional information, please contact:
Technological Infrastructure Division