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Ø Enhancing the Visibility of Israeli Companies in Europe

Ø Israeli Life Sciences Competition - Bio-Boston 2012

Ø China & Israel Celebrate 20 Years of Diplomatic Relations

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Volume 1 Issue 2

February 28, 2012

The R&D Insider

Bringing you MATIMOP’s latest updates on international cooperation in industrial R&D


Welcome to the second issue of The R&D Insider, the electronic newsletter of MATIMOP – The Israeli Industry Center for R&D. The R&D Insider brings you the latest R&D and innovation highlights from Israel and MATIMOP’s partner organizations around the world, including open calls for proposals for industrial R&D cooperation, R&D news items, events in Israel and around the world, success stories, partner search resources, and more.


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Enhancing the Visibility of Israeli Companies in Europe


The Office of the Chief Scientist’s (OCS) various bilateral and multinational programs offer Israeli companies the unique opportunity to enter new international markets and receive funding for joint R&D projects. Yet, for many Israeli companies that don’t have international partners, the doors to the OCS funding platforms are closed.  The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) program breaks down these barriers by helping companies find suitable partners using a strategic approach.


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Israeli Life Science Companies in the Spotlight in Boston


Israeli life sciences companies are invited to compete for the chance to join an Israeli industry delegation and present at the Israeli convention pavilion/booth at the Bio International Conference, June 18-21, 2012 in Boston, USA. Winners will be sponsored by the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor. 


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Israel & China Celebrate 20 years of Diplomatic Relations January 24th, 2012, more than 400 guests, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chinese Ambassador Gao Yanping, gathered to celebrate Israel and China’s cooperation in the political, economic and social arenas, all achieved since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries 20 years ago. Guests expressed their strong desire to enhance the relations between China and Israel and their hope for a better future for Sino-Israel relations. Chinese Ambassador Gao Yanping hosted the reception celebrating the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations and the Chinese Spring Festival in Tel Aviv last month. Representatives from the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP also participated in the event.  


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Inviting you to apply for funding for a joint R&D project featuring at least one Israeli company and one foreign company.  Funding is provided through bilateral and multinational cooperation agreements.






All technological fields

March 1, 2012


All technological fields

March 26, 2012


All technological fields

March 29, 2012

Germany-Israel  NEW!

Water Technology

April 5, 2012

Germany-Israel  NEW!


May 2, 2012

Lithuania-Israel NEW!

All technological fields

May 2, 2012

Italy-Israel NEW!

All technological fields

May 3, 2012

Joint R&D with the Coca Cola Company  

Agriculture and Packaging






Contact MATIMOP’s Enterprise Europe Network - Israel (EEN-Israel) Program.  EEN-Israel connects you with innovative champions around the world who are interested in collaborating on technological R&D projects.  Our dedicated support team from MATIMOP will help you find the ideal partner for your project.


Email Liron Eldar at to begin your partner search now.



Brokerage Events Sponsored by the Enterprise Europe Network – Feb.- April 2012

Attend EEN-related brokerage events in Israel and throughout Europe to find a partner in all technology areas.


Israeli Delegation to Open Smart City Conference in Copenhagen - March 20-23, 2012

Join the Israeli Delegation to the Open Smart City Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

MATIMOP at NanoIsrael 2012 – March 26-27, 2012

15 Israeli companies will be exhibiting at the MATIMOP booth at NanoIsrael 2012, the third annual conference and exhibition, in Tel Aviv.


E-Health Technology Showcase Event - March 27, 2012

Join this Conference and Networking Event to be held in Malmo, Sweden.

Join the Agriculture Innovation Pavilion at Agritech Israel - May 15-17, 2012

Apply to get your company featured at the Agriculture Innovation Pavilion at Agritech Exhibition 2012.


AEROSUPPLY Israel 2012 - May 21-24, 2012

First International business convention for the aerospace industry in Israel.


Life Sciences Competition to Join Israeli Delegation to Bio-Boston - June 18-21, 2012  NEW!

Apply today to compete for a spot to present at the Bio International Exhibition in Boston.




Bringing Israeli Innovation in Biotech to China

Biological Industries specializes in the development of cell cultures - including chemical solutions that provide all the nutritional needs of CHO cells – and ovarian cells of Chinese hamsters used for the production of proteins by means of genetic engineering. The solutions produced by the company do not include any living components. The company's Chinese partner, T-Mab Biotechnology, serves on the industrial side, growing the cells in the solution. Oddly enough, the flourishing partnership between these two companies developed from both sides - Israel and China - almost simultaneously.


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