(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)



  Mediterranean Cooperation in the Treatment and Valorisation of Olive Mill Wastewater

Project in Brief

The Mediterranean region accounts for 97% of the world's olive production. About 11 million tons of olives are produced each year out of which nearly 2 million tons of olive oil is extracted. The estimated waste generated annually by olive oil processing is 9 million tons: this can potentially cause serious environmental harm if not disposed properly.

MEDOLICO specifically targets the issue of olive oil mill wastewater (OMW), which is highly resistant to biodegradation. Provided that the treatment of OMW has only been partially addressed through isolated studies, there is a need for a harmonized and basin-wide effort that significantly reduces the environmental impact of wastewater generated by olive mills.


Nireas - International Water Research Center,

University of Cyprus (Cyprus)


1. MATIMOP, Israeli Industry Center for R&D (Israel)
2. Liguria, Chamber of Commerce (Italy, Liguria)
3. National Laboratory of Energy and Geology, Bio-energy Unit (Portugal)
4. Jordan University of Science and Technology (Jordan, Irbid)
5. Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel)
6.University of Genova (Italy, Liguria)
Specific Objective
Promoting and facilitating a wider implementation of practical and cost-efficient solutions to olive mill wastewater treatment and management at the Mediterranean basin level in order to reduce the environmental footprint of olive mills
Expected results
  • Reduction in levels of toxic substances contained in the OMW before and after being disposed into the environment
  • Suitable quality and quantity of recovered by-products to compensate for the cost of the OMW treatment technologies
  • Development of user-friendly methodological and technical handbooks/guidelines for operators of olive mills
  • Accessible and efficient training schemes for the olive millers chosen for the pilot tests
  • Relevant stakeholders informed about the outcomes of the project

Target groups

  • Olive millers
  • Policy and decision makers at local, regional and national level

Final beneficiaries

  • Environmental agencies
  • local populations
  • Wastewater treatment manufacturing sector
36 months


  • Total budget: € 1.964.500
  • Programme contribution: € 1.768.050 (90%)
  • Project co-financing: € 196.450 (10%)


Contact person

Sharon Regev
Project Coordinator