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Collaboration in Cybersecurity Technologies with the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) in Maryland, USA


Collaboration in Cybersecurity Technologies with the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) in Maryland, USA

Request for Letters of Interest (LOI)


MATIMOP, The Israeli Industry Center for R&D, on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist in the ministry of Economy (OCS), invites Israeli Cyber Tech companies to collaborate with the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) in Maryland, USA. Collaborating with NCCOE provides access to the Center's resources, services and know-how and enhances collaboration with US and international innovators that operate in the Center in order to provide real-world cybersecurity capabilities that address business needs.



The NCCoE has joined with a variety of leading U.S. companies through a formal initiative called the National Cybersecurity Excellence Partnership (NCEP). These partners have pledged to provide hardware, software, and expertise aiming to advance the rapid adoption of secure technologies. Israeli R&D companies may collaborate with the NCCoE research groups and partners, or join sector specific Consortia that include vendors, integrators and users, and receive OCS grants for approved R&D projects in this framework.


NCCoE Projects focus on and are driven by practical cybersecurity needs of businesses in different sectors, and primarily: Health IT, Energy and Financial Services. Companies developing generic (e.g. sector agnostic) Cyber-Security technologies are also invited to submit an LOI.


The NCCoE has a four-step process:

1. Define the problem statement

2. Assemble a team of members of industry, government and academia

3. Build practical solutions—based on commercially available technologies—that are usable, repeatable, modular, and based on relevant standards and best practices

4. Facilitate rapid, widespread deployment and use of these solutions


The NCCoE helps businesses:

• Rapidly adopt practical cybersecurity solutions

• Access cybersecurity example solutions that match their industry’s specific business needs

• Rely on cybersecurity based on commercially available technologies

• Increase their ability to innovate by bridging technology gaps

• Work with cyber innovators in a trusted, state-of-the-art, collaborative environment

• Deepen their understanding of cybersecurity capabilities, costs, and integration methods

• Broaden their awareness of cybersecurity technologies and standards


Mode of Collaboration

Companies can participate in NCCoE projects in the following ways:

Participate as a vendor - Contributing expertise, hardware or software in creating a reference design to address a specific problem; suggest use cases to the center and help accelerate the availability of modular, repeatable, usable, standards-based cybersecurity reference designs that match industry's business needs.

Participate as an integrator – Helping specific companies implement reference designs in real environments and provide feedback.


In addition, NCCoE hosts workshops, meetings and other events to interact with members of industry, government and academia who want to collaborate on projects and other initiatives that will lead to practical cybersecurity solutions. It also publishes notices in the US Federal Register to invite companies with a relevant technology to submit LOI to participate in NCCoE building blocks and use cases. By monitoring the NCCoE website , companies can be well informed about relevant activities.



Industrial R&D projects of Israeli companies participating in NCCoE activities may be funded through the Maryland-Israel Bilateral R&D program and other OCS funding instruments (in particular the KIDMA program). MATIMOP will advise individual applicants with respect to the relevant funding opportunities.


How to submit an LOI :

Simply send a short e-mail describing your company's main area of activity that is related to cyber technologies, to: nccoe@nist.gov , and copy: Liron @matimop.org.il and avi@shavit.co.il .

The relevant LOI form will be then sent to you.


For Information and further assistance, please contact:

Liron Eldar,

North America Desk, MATIMOP

Tel. 03-5118189, e-mail: Liron@matimop.org.il