(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)


NOFAR Incentive Program 
The NOFAR incentive program provides support for applied research in academia, thus potentially increasing its economic contribution to the economy.

This incentive program focuses on technologically feasible ideas, which are not mature enough for the support of the MAGNETON incentive program, but require financing in the initial applied research stage at universities in order to match them with the appropriate industrial sector. 
The NOFAR incentive program is limited to the fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology only, for a period of one year.

Goal of the incentive program:
To bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industry needs. All the research activities carried out as part of this incentive program are in academic institutions, accompanied by the support of an industrial company that sees business potential in the achievements of the project. The main goal is to reach significant milestones by the end of the project, which will enable the industrial company to sign a technology commercialization agreement with the research institution. The research activities in the incentive program will receive professional support by an industrial company or a relevant business entity (such as a venture capital fund).

Who is the incentive program for?
  • Academic research groups in Israel, operating as part of a higher education or research institution, seeking to carry out applied research, which is not mature enough to be supported by the industry or by the MAGNETON incentive program.
  • The research should include a new and original idea that requires proof of concept, with preliminary basic research and results that are applicable to Israeli industry.

What do you get?

  • The research institution supported by the NOFAR incentive program is entitled to a grant of up to 90% of the approved budget with a maximum scope of NIS 550,000 for a period of 12 months, with an option to extend the support up to 15 months.
  • The supporting company serves as partner in professional guidance and in setting of research goals, as well as participates in the funding of 10% of the project cost.
  • At the end of the research, the supporting company receives the first right to negotiate a commercialization agreement with the research institution.
  • NOFAR research conducted in collaboration with two different institutions is eligible for funding of up to NIS 660,000.
  • The grant recipients are exempt from repayment of royalties.
  • The incentive program offers two fixed annual deadlines: November 30 and May 31.

Why should you apply for this incentive program?

  • Research institutions:
    • The incentive program provides financial and professional support of research processes and increases the chances for success.
    • All the rights to the knowledge accumulated in the research are retained by the research institution.
  • Commercial company:
    • The ability to influence, direct and support high-quality academic research that will contribute to the company's future activities.
    • The first right to negotiate commercialization of research results with the research institution.
    • Commercial development in exchange for a minimal financial investment.

How to apply?

  1. Prior to application, please carefully read the complete list of conditions, which specifies the rights and obligations of the applying company and research institution, as detailed on the Authority’s website.
  2. Commercial companies interested in cooperation with a research group as part of the NOFAR incentive program should apply directly to the academic application company representing the research group.
  3. The academic applicant will submit the application forms to the Technological Infrastructure Division in accordance with the procedures detailed on the Authority’s website.

For additional information, please contact:
Technological Infrastructure Division