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Israel-Canada: An Energetic Collaboration

Israel-Canada: An Energetic Collaboration

A new program focusing on development and commercialization of innovative energy technologies and processes has been launched. The new program - Canada-Israel Energy Science and Technology Fund (CIESTF) will promote the sustainable development of unconventional oil and gas resources, and applications that address shared environmental challenges. It will also encourage scientific projects that aim to harvest new renewable energy sources of interest to both countries.

The Government of Canada, through National Resources Canada (NRCan) is committing $5 million to CIESTF that will be mobilized through the Canada Israel R&D Fund (CIRDF) over the next three years with matching funds to be allocated by the OCS to the Israeli project participants on a per project basis. The first CIESTF Call for Proposals in April 2013.

More opportunities for the Energy sector are provided by the Canada-Israel Innovation Program (CIIP). A delegation headed by the President of the National Research Council Of Canada (NRC), that runs CIIP together with the OCS and Matimop, visited Israel last week and held its steering meeting with OCS/MATIMOP. Collaboration initiatives in Renewable Energies and Water have been discussed, as well as the creation of joint Magnet consortia in the areas of Brain research and Electric Power solutions for transportation. It was reported that since the launching of this program in the 3rd quarter of 2012 a total of 30 inquiries had been received and the first projects are likely to be approved in the coming weeks. At present there is a CIIP open call for proposals that should lead to many more projects during 2013. The steering meeting also ensued on adding additional sectors during the next few months.

All Canada –Israel R&D programs are now managed in MATIMOP by Mr. Les Abelson (Les@matimop.org.il).
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