(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Societal Challenges Division

The Societal Challenges Division focuses on improving the effectiveness and quality of public sector services, as well as enhancing social welfare and quality of life through technological innovation. The purpose of this division is to harness the hi-tech industry to find solutions for a variety of substantial problems in society and the public sector in Israel and to raise awareness of the special needs of the disabled population in areas such as health, security, and food, which require technological solutions. This division’s role is to identify these needs at the national level and to mediate between them and the Israeli entrepreneurial community by encouraging and creating demand for technological solutions. The division operates according to the double bottom line principle and takes into account the social profit generated by the project, along with its economic value.

In addition, the Societal Challenges Division deals with a major social challenge – the diversity of workers employed in the hi-tech industry in general, and the integration of ultra-Orthodox and Arab employees in hi-tech in particular.

Target audiences:

  • Companies and non-profit organizations interested in developing technological solutions for populations with special needs.
  • Entrepreneurs interested in developing innovative products and services that will address public sector challenges.