(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

The Role of R&D in Economic Development in the Arab Community

Michel Hivert, Managing Director of MATIMOP, participated in a conference on “The Role of R&D in Economic Development in the Arab Community” on November 16, 2012 in Kfar Qara. The conference was organized by the Triangle Research & Development Center(TRDC), a non-profit and non-governmental center which aims to address topics related to the Arab Palestinian community living in Israel.

The conference featured such distinguished speakers as Mr. Andrew Standley, EU Ambassador to Israel, and 2005 Nobel Laureate in economics Professor Israel Aumann. For a full list of speakers, please see the attached schedule of the event.

About the Triangle Research & Development Center (TRDC)

The TRDC is sponsored by the Ministry of Science as part of a broad program to bring applied research to the Arab community in the Triangle region. The scientific staff at the center conduct applied research in partnership with local, regional and international research institutes and universities in issues related to the community needs, such as epidemiology and preventive medicine, pharmaceutical chemistry, agriculture and aromatic plant, science education, computer science, environment and sociology. The center is academically affiliated with Tel Aviv University, and the researchers enjoy broad cooperation with a large number of universities. Its goals are:

  • To perform advanced scientific and technologicalresearch that creates economic growth in the Arab community living in the Triangle region.
  • To increase development opportunities for the Arab community through research training andknowledge transfer.
  • To enhance educational curricula in the Arab schools in the region.
  • To strengthen the participation of women in applied research.
  • To strengthen institutional and private capacity in the Triangle area.