(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)


TZATAM Incentive Program 
The TZATAM incentive program (Life Sciences R&D Supporting Equipment) offers financial support to organizations that focus on providing services to other companies for the purpose of research and development processes in the life sciences field.

Goal of the incentive program:
To expand the infrastructure used for industrial R&D in life sciences in Israel and to provide Israeli entities with access to R&D services that were unavailable in the country until recently. The grant is provided for the purchase of advanced laboratory equipment, and its main purpose is to strengthen and expand R&D capacities in the field of life sciences, necessary for controlled feasibility assessment of scientific and technological findings, as well as receipt of regulatory approvals for clinical trials.

Who is the incentive program for?
  • Business entities whose activity is based on providing services to R&D processes in the life sciences field, particularly in the areas of stem cell research and biomedical research.
  • Entities interested in financial support to expand their existing services by purchasing laboratory equipment for research in the field of life sciences.

What do you get?
  • A grant of 50% of the approved budget for the purchase of laboratory equipment for the purposes of service, R&D.
  • The grant recipients are exempt from paying royalties to the Authority.
  • Incentive program conditions:
    • The application should include details of the research equipment or laboratory equipment, the cost of which is at least USD 150,000.
    • The grant recipients must deliver an annual report to the incentive program administration, regarding all the services provided using the equipment purchased with the grant money.
  • Participation in financing of personnel training for the use of new equipment only, as the training period will not exceed three months and will be limited for a period until the beginning of the service provision.
  • The grant recipients will undertake to provide impartial service to all Israeli organizations engaged in R&D in life sciences for a period of at least three years, which will start five months from receiving approval.
  • The tariffs for the provision of the service will be governed by a committee of the incentive program administration.

Why should you apply for this incentive program?
Financial grant: Organizations that participate in this incentive program enjoy financial support that allows them to significantly expand the type and level of service they can offer.

How to apply?
  1. Prior to application, please carefully read the complete list of conditions, as detailed on the Authority’s website.
  2. Fill out the relevant forms available on the website and email them to the Technological Infrastructure Division. In addition, print and send these forms by mail.

For additional information, please contact:
Technological Infrastructure Division