(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Seminar: Expanding Your Business to the US Market

Expanding your business into US Market Tuesday, October 21, 2014 08:30-14:00

Tel Aviv Cinematheque, 2 Sprintzak st. Tel Aviv

A seminar addressing the issues facing startups and mature high-tech companies considering expansion into the US market: business, tax, and legal aspects.

Israeli startups know that penetrating the US market can be a significant milestone - a vital springboard - for growth for a young, developing company. The seminar will include an in-depth discussion of how to make the most of the transition to the US by thinking and planning ahead.

Topics include:

> Penetrating the US market; Starting US operations;
   Leveraging the added value

> When is the right time for a startup to consider operations
   in the US?

> Operating in the US – regional trends and demographics

> Commercial and Legal aspects of creating a US operation

> US Tax planning challenges – federal, state &international tax
   aspects of operating a US entity

> Sales and business strategy – dealing with distributors and
   independent sales reps

> Competitive business models – how to differentiate your
   business in large international markets

> Should management, sales or R&D be relocated to the US?
   Issues involving Israeli employees moving to the US

> Fundraising and financing in the US

> For all the wrong reasons – Why your company does not need a
   patent in the US

> How could Israeli companies work with the US Federal

Among the guest speakers:

> Deputy Executive Director of SelectUSA, the U.S. Federal
   Government agency established to encourage and facilitate
   foreign companies to set up operations in the United States.

> Senior managers from leading high-tech companies, who will
   present case studies and share their personal experiences in
   starting US operations.

The seminar is intended for senior executives of startups and
high-tech companies, CEOs, CFOs, controllers, investors and
stakeholders in Israel's high-tech industry.

* Please note: some of the presentations and will be delivered in English

Registration requires nominal payment. Space is limited.

For additional details, contact Iris: iris@ivc-online.com