(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Additional Initiatives and Tracks

Israel's Membership in CERN


CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) is the largest particle accelerator in the world. In 2012, Israel was upgraded from associate member to full member in CERN, with an annual membership fee of 15 million Swiss francs, 17% of which is contributed by the Authority. Full membership entitles Israeli companies to participate in procurement tenders through the project.

NIBN – National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev


The establishment of the National Institute of Biotechnology at Ben Gurion University is another step in promoting biotechnological research in Israel. This institute focuses on the development of technological and research infrastructure in the Negev region, in order to create and establish a vast technological base to serve Israeli industry in the long run.

In 2009, an official association agreement was signed between Ben Gurion University and the Government of Israel, which jointly established and funded the Institute. NIBN scientists are engaged in diverse research topics in the field of biotechnology.