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The Americas

Industrial R&D Cooperation with North and Latin America


Canada, The United States, and Latin America offer many opportunities for industrial R&D cooperation for Israeli companies. MATIMOP generates and implements cooperative and bilateral industrial R&D programs with leading R&D entities, which  provide the necessary bridge to enter international markets, get access to funding and receive assistance in partner matching. 
In addition, the  MNC-Startup partnership initiative in Israel is facilitated through  the Global Enterprise Collaboration Program.
Through R&D alliances, both Israeli and international companies not only benefit from the unique strengths and skills of their partner company, but also make the most of market opportunities unique to the others' region.
MATIMOP has recently launched it's Americas-Israel Innovation Networker, an exclusive online community made up of different entities including companies, investors, government agencies, service providers, etc, which aims to connect entities with shared interests and common goals in order to develop international partnerships, R&D collaborations, and new business opportunities. Apply for membership now!

********For those interested in initiating a partner search for the purposes of identifying a partner for a joint R&D project – we have included the Expression of Interest as an attachment below. Please complete the form and send back to us so we can start the process.


Our innovation partners in the region include: 

For more information, please visit the country-specific web pages and contact our Americas department:
Mr. Israel Shamay
Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives
Head of Americas Operations
MATIMOP – Israeli Industry Center for R&D
Tel.: +972-3-5118100
Mr. Jonathan Cohen
Program Manager
Industrial R&D Cooperation- North American Desk
MATIMOP-Israeli Industry Center for R&D
Tel: +972-3-5118155
e-mail: jonathan@matimop.org.il
Mr. Les Abelson
Program Director
Canada-Israel Industrial R&D
MATIMOP - Israeli Industry Center for R&D
Phone: +972-3-511-8139
Mobile: +972-50-216-3144
Ms. Ilana Gross
Program Manager
Latin America Desk (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay)
MATIMOP Israeli Industry Center for R&D
Tel.: +972 (0)3 - 5118184
e-mail: ilana@matimop.org.il