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Optibase: Enhancing your viewing experience

As customers continue to demand higher quality television and entertainment services, Israeli company Optibase's development of cutting-edge H.264 technology has enabled operators to supply enhanced IPTV services while maintaining low-bandwidth utilization. In addition to streaming live TV channels, IPTV services offer personal program settings, the ability to create personal archives and order TV shows and movies, a selection of languages, and the use of Internet and voice communications.
In the framework of the cooperative BANITS program, Optibase has joined with other partners to further the BANITS aim of extending knowledge in the area of access networks to deliver new multimedia service packages to commercial and business customers. A special focus has been placed on maximizing the utilization of the existing network infrastructure, covering technologies like xDSL, SDH, and Ethernet. New advanced multimedia services have been developed, enabling network operators and services providers to increase their revenues.

As part of the project and in order to meet the evolving requirements of broadcasters, Telco operators and service providers, Optibase developed a platform encoding real-time uncompressed HD content to bandwidth-efficient H.264 streams. It is designed to deliver crisp, vibrant, top broadcast-quality TV and advanced on-demand entertainment services over IP networks.

The Optibase H.264 HD encoder is an ideal solution for IPTV applications, providing a cost-effective solution for a wide range of projects, from very small installations to large-scale deployments.

A total of 22.3 million Euros has been invested in the project; "The financial support that we received was essential for successful development,' says Yael Lapid, AVP Technology at Optibase. "In this cooperative venture we were able to promote and advance our technology along with our innovative products by adapting them to Telefonica's specifications. This is an excellent example of effective government support the enables the rapid penetration of the global market by a technologically sophisticated product," she adds.

BANITS has been a successful arena for cooperation between a number of the largest telecom players in Europe, coordinating significant expertise in the development of access and metropolitan networks and services with a real impact on products, standards and services -- all enabling new business on legacy networks.

The solutions developed by BANITS allow users to benefit from a broader range of higher quality and more appealing services and applications. These new services are likely to be offered at very attractive prices due to the limited investment needed.

As a result of the project, a permanent showroom of the solution combining Optibase technology and Telefonica infrastructure was installed in Telefonica premises. Lapid adds, "The project presented us with the opportunity to collaborate with leading communications suppliers in Spain and South America along with additional European partners in the area of TV services to broadband networks."

R&D Framework: EUREKA
Company: Optibase
Field: Communications
Project: H.264 HD encoder enhancing IPTV services