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Telling Time to the Exact Nanosecond: AccuBeat's Atomic Clock

Clocks often seem to tick at a slower pace in the Middle East, where residents are not generally known for their punctuality. While being late may be a common social practice in the region, time is taken quite seriously by local companies like AccuBeat Ltd. The Israeli company develops and produces Atomic Clocks with advanced capabilities; these powerful time-telling devices are integrated with Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as GPS and Galileo to ensure that the time is accurate to the exact nanosecond.

Atomic clocks are based on a range of technologies, knowledge and know-how from the fields of physics, chemistry and electronics. As compared to a stand-alone clock or receiver, the combination of an atomic clock with a GNSS receiver significantly improves the accuracy of its time and frequency readings, further improving the navigation integrity of the GNSS receiver.


Another combination that makes this project so unique is its reliance on combining the talents and resources of different actors and agencies. AccuBeat Ltd. developed and manufactured the high-performance clocks for ground stations for the European Space Agency. After the development and production stages, the clocks were tested and successfully qualified under the demanding requirements of the client – Thales-Alenia Space. To complete the project, AccuBeat joined with the MBT Space Division (IAI), which serves as the main contractor.


Collaboration with Galileo


The ground stations are all powered by Galileo, which develops Europe's advanced GNSS system. MATIMOP-The Israeli Industry Center for R&D serves as a full partner to the Galileo Program. Indeed, according to AccuBeat CEO Mr. Benny Levy and its President Dr. Avinoam Stern, the important point of this project is that the clock constitutes the heart of an important and strategic system in the EU – the Galileo System. And that heart is an Israeli Atomic Clock.


Together with other Israeli companies, AccuBeat participates in the Galileo program in order to supply atomic clocks to the program's ground segment as well as to develop unique applications designed to provide Galileo's users with highly accurate timing systems and high-integrity navigation.


RUBIGAL- The Atomic Clock integrated with Galileo & GPS


One such application system integrates a Rubidium Atomic Clock with a multi-GNSS Receiver – GPS and Galileo. The integrated system, known as RUBIGAL, provides Galileo users with a powerful tool to accurately tell time and frequency while improving the integrity of navigation data. In addition to all these benefits, RUBIGAL consumes very little power, enabling its use in mobile applications.


AccuBeat: Telling Time Around the World

In addition to the prestigious Galileo project, AccuBeat participates in other exclusive projects for companies in the U.S.A., Europe and the Far East. The Company is a leading supplier of Atomic Clocks for the IDF and several defense-oriented Israeli companies.
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