(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Israeli Cyber Security Companies are Invited to apply to B2B meetings with Michigan Economic Development Program

                       Israel-Michigan Joint R&D Program: Focus on Cyber

Scheduled B2B Meetings March 23, 2015 Tel-Aviv, Israel

Israeli companies interested in partnering with Michigan based entities for the purpose of a joint R&D project in the field of Cyber Security , are welcome to attend our special B2B session and personally meet our guest: Mr. Gil Pezza, Manager Cybersecurity & Automotive, at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).

MATIMOP/OCS & MEDC have launched the 1st funding round, enabling companies from Israel and Michigan to partner together for the purpose of a joint R&D project.

When: March 23, 2015

Where: 29 Hamered Street, Tel-Aviv –14th floor, Eureka Meeting Room

Schedule: Scheduled B2B meetings will take place from 09:00-12:00

Specific Areas of Interest are Listed Below:


- On-board cybersecurity systems (FW/IPS/IDS - possibly agent technology or tailored expert systems)

- DAR/DIT (Data at Rest / Data In Transit, also called Data in Motion) protective mechanisms (including LE [Law Enforcement] access in case of warrants, etc)

- OTA (over the air) updates / secure updates. How do you validate packet integrity and verify downloaded file

- Enterprise / fleet OTA download management

- Securing wireless endpoints in car

- Securing Telematics link

- Security layers to segregate IVI from control plane and ensure continued operations under degraded conditions for critical functions (throttle, steering, braking).

- Any work with trust anchors for consumer vehicles?

- Any work to provide provenance information for parts / supply chain

- Any cloud-based security applications (offer always-on scans, inter-vehicle monitoring, etc).

- Any data analytic applications / R&D for determining V2X communications and determining potential issues.

- Any novel certificate or other crypto system for providing packet integrity, non-repudiation, and handle CRL-type revocation (known "bad guy") functions with a manageable size infrastructure and with reasonable update durations (e.g. not take 6 hours for CRL updates per week).

Critical Infrastructure (similar to automotive, but with the the following additions):


- any work with red/black separation (or similar) for commercial devices

In order to schedule your B2B meeting please complete this FORM

For complete details on the funding round with Michigan, here