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MTEC Cooperation Request for pre-proposals (MTEC White Papers)

Submitting a White Paper – by 31 October 2017

Israel Innovation Authority - MTEC Cooperation

Request for pre-proposals (MTEC White Papers) by 31/10/2017

The Israel Innovation Authority has joined the US Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC), a biomedical technology consortium operating under a 10-year renewable Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with the U.S Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC). Through its membership in MTEC, IIA invites Israeli companies to submit medical R&D project proposals in this new cooperation framework.

Successful applicant companies can receive funding as follows:

·50% of approved project budget from MTEC

·The other 50% can be either self-funded by the applicant or submitted to the Innovation Authority for funding, where it can be found eligible for receiving an IIA grant of up to 50% of the remaining budget.

Request for Proposals Focus

This RFP process will stimulate generation and development of new or significantly improved product or process for commercialization in global markets. This RFP solicits proposals with a focus on medical challenges issued by MTEC.

These areas of interest are:

1.Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases

2.Care of Combat Casualties

3.Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine

4.Military Operational Medicine

5.Medical Simulation and Information Sciences

6.Advanced Medical Technologies

7.Advanced Medical Regulatory and Manufacturing Technologies

Applications are made in 2 phases:

·Submitting a White Paper – by 29 September 2017 to both MTEC and the IIA. Attachment 1 to the MTEC solicitation ( starting page 16 on full program link below) provides the instructions for submitting the White Paper.

·Upon MTEC's positive pre-screening, applicants will be invited to join MTEC and submit a full project proposal (either independently, in partnership with another MTEC company, or in partnership with a non-MTEC company that will perform less than half of the overall scope of work)

·Applicants may apply to the Innovation Authority for additional support

(online at http://www.economy.gov.il/RnD/Programs/Pages/Mop_Fund.aspx )

Eligible Applicants

Israeli R&D performing company. Participation of research institutions/universities is welcome as subcontractors.




White Paper submission by

31st October, 2017

              White papers evaluated

28th February, 2018

Notifications to offerors (invited to propose/not invited)

              March 2018

              Feedback to members

             March 2018

                      There is no date for when awards must be made 


For information on the full program, see https://mtec-sc.org/active-solicitations/ 


Submitting a full project proposal will require the Israeli company to become an MTEC member for a one-time application fee– see BENEFITS OF MTEC MEMBERSHIP at https://mtec-sc.org/about-us/




Mr. Jonathan Cohen, Program Manager – North American Desk

Israel Innovation Authority

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