(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

R&D Opportunities for Collaboration with Major Industry Players in Avionics and Smart Mobility - QUEBEC, CANADA

CRIAQ representing leading companies in Quebec is inviting Israeli companies and researchers to take part in joint programs under the new collaborative agreement between the Israeli Innovation Authority and the Province of Quebec. (On 21 May, 2017 the Province of Quebec and the Israel Innovation Authority launched a $10-million bilateral program. The applications are independently evaluated and scored by Quebec Ministry Of Innovation and the Israel Innovation Authority, which then jointly agree which applications will be funded. This initiative supports industry-led collaboration, including partnerships comprised of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large firms, and academic institutions to jointly develop innovative technologies.

A 2nd Call for proposals will be released in the near future.

Interested companies can find background information on CRIAQ and its membership at http://www.criaq.aero/2016/

For further details please contact Les Abelson at: Les.Abelson@innovationisrael.org.il