(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Call for Proposals with Arkema

Deadline for Submissions: Open
Industry Field: Chemicals, polymers and engineering sectors, including in particular engineering polymers, nano-materials and solar energy

Call for Proposals with French MNC Arkema

A call for proposals is being launched in the framework of the Global Enterprise R&D Collaboration Agreement between the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor and Arkema. The agreement aims to encourage cooperation between Israeli companies and Arkema in the areas of research, development and marketing. Arkema is a French Chemicals and Polymers multinational with annual revenues of multibillion Euros. It has a strong corporate culture of supporting R&D, and a presence in many chemicals, polymers and engineering sectors, including in particular engineering polymers, nano-materials and solar energy.
This offer is directed to companies that develop technologies and products in the following fields: 
  •  Applications of carbon nanotubes
  • Ultra-high performance engineering polymers and unusual engineering needs
  • Nanostructured polymers and applications of nanostructured polymers
  • Polymers with unusual, tailored, or extended operating parameters
  • Replacing metals components with polymers for lower weight and higher strength
  • Polymers for optical applications and applications of optical polymers
  • Additives for improving material strength, resistance, processing ability and other properties 
  • Polymers and polymer coatings with specific optical requirements from the UV to the IR
  • Applications for self-healing polymers and materials
  • Applications of piezoelectric and relaxor ferroelectric materials and films, possibly optical
  • Materials with high chemical and environmental stability
  • Engineering of photochemical devices
  • Engineering solutions for cost reduction and improved performance

Companies that are interested in applying should send a summary proposal to the following email address: moshe.kelner@arkema.com.

The proposals will be evaluated by the Office of the Chief Scientist and Arkema. Companies whose proposals are found suitable will be invited to submit requests for support within the Chief Scientist's Framework for R&D Cooperation with Multinational Companies.
Approved applications will receive the following assistance:  A Chief Scientist Grant of up to 50% of the project's approved budget; · Additional assistance from Arkema of the same budget amount in-kind, for support in the technological and regulatory areas; use of laboratory equipment for R&D; sub-contractors and professional consultants; etc. 

For more information on Arkema’s activities, see the corporate website at: http://www.arkema.com

For further information, you may contact Noam Bar-Gal at the OCS:
Mr. Noam Bar Gal
Email: Noam.BarGal@moital.gov.il
Telephone number: 03-5118116