(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Call for Proposals with B. Braun

Deadline for Submissions: Open
Open to: Healthcare, Medical Equip, Pharma, Surgery, Wound Care, hygiene & disinfection

Call for Proposals with B. Braun

No. 03/16

A call for proposals is being launched in the framework of the Global Enterprise R&D Collaboration Agreement between the Israel Innovation Authority (IA) and B.Braun AG. The agreement aims to encourage cooperation between Israeli companies and B.Braun in the areas of research, development and marketing. B.Braun AG is a global medical device and pharmaceutical company which develops and produces innovative solutions for intensive care, anesthesiology, infusion therapy, pain therapy, surgery, dialysis, wound care, continence care as well as infection control.

As a multinational company with a strong corporate culture of supporting R&D, and a presence in many sectors, this offer is directed to companies that develop technologies and products in the following fields:


  • Injectable drug area (anti-infectives, anesthesia, analgesia etc.) e.g. novel API formulations, formulation technologies with the potential to improve solubility and/or stability (including emulsion technologies) or novel delivery systems.
  • Technologies related to oxygen transport.

Extra-corporal blood treatment

  • Measurement of electrolytes in whole blood
  • Patient access technologies (ports etc.)
  • Continuous blood pressure monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring of hemodynamic parameters
  • Green technologies for use in dialysis
  • Apheresis/immune-adsorption technologies

Infusion Therapy

  • All kind of novel active and non-active medical devices
  • Biomedical sensors
  • Novel disposables and accessories
  • Drug admixture and administration sets
  • Automated Infusion Systems
  • Venipuncture IV catheters and injection

Pain Therapy and Regional Anesthesia

  • Advanced systems for epidural, spinal and combined spinal epidural anesthesia
  • New instruments / methods for peripheral nerve blocks
  • PCA / PCEA pump technologies

Nutrition Therapy

  • Parenteral Nutrition (amino acid formulations, standard solutions and related additives)
  • Enteral Nutrition (enteral feeding, access tubes, pumps and accessories)

Wound management & Infection control

  • Anti-infective / antimicrobial substances (but no antibiotics)
  • Products and accessories supporting wound bed preparation.
  • Cost effective sensors or indicators for the evaluation of wound status (e.g. pH, fast "just in time" specific bacteria tests, biofilm)
  • Swab Sticks and prep sticks containing ready to use solutions for antiseptic preoperative skin preparation
  • Smart mobile cost effective dispenser for hand disinfectants/wash lotions, with long living rechargeable batteries or fuel cell technology
  • N ew substances may not be a matter of interest (as the evaluation and preparation of acute and systemic toxicity dossier would be a serious challenge for product realization) except basic toxicity data (especially CMR - data) is available.

For more information on B.Braun activities, please visit the corporate website at: http://www.bbraun.com . For further information about the cooperation between B.Braun and the Innovation Authority, you may contact Noam Bar-Gal at the IA Noam.BarGal@ocs.economy.gov.il telephone number: 03-5118116 .

The proposals will be evaluated by B.Braun.Companies, whose proposals are found suitable, will be invited to submit requests for support within the IA's framework for R&D cooperation with multinational companies. Approved applications will receive the following assistance:

·A Chief Scientist Grant of up to 50% of the project's approved budget;

·Additional assistance from B.Braun of the same budget amount in-kind, for support in the technological and regulatory areas; use of laboratory equipment for R&D; sub-contractors and professional consultants; etc.

Companies that are interested in applying should send a summary proposal to: bbraun_gov.il@bbraun.com

with a copy to Noam.BarGal@ocs.economy.gov.il