(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

China and Israel expand R&D Cooperation with Ratification of New Agreement

The Israeli cabinet ratified in April a bilateral agreement to expand industrial R&D cooperation between Israel and China, which was signed in 2010. The ratification has enabled the announcement of the 1st call for proposals for joint R&D projects between the two nations in the framework of the China (MOST)-Israel Program for R&D cooperation. The program is jointly administered by MATIMOP, on behalf of the OCS, and the MOST - The Chinese Ministry of Science & Technology. This program and the accompanying call for proposals gives Israeli companies the unique opportunity to partner and submit project proposals with companies anywhere in China.  

The agreement that was ratified in April 2012 is one of 45 bilateral agreements that MATIMOP and OCS promote with countries around the world, aimed at increasing joint economic activity and R&D cooperation.

Minister of Trade and Labor, Mr.  Shalom Shimhon, commented on the agreement, saying that it "is one of the most important tools available to promote trade ties with China, and includes the establishment of a special fund to support Israeli companies operating in China and India.”

Chief Scientist Mr. Avi Hasson stated that "Israeli exports to China have increased by more than 30 percent since last year, primarily due to the strengthening of the domestic technological industry."

For more information on the current call for proposals (deadline August 6, 2012) please click here.