(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Enhancing the Visibility of Israeli Companies in Europe

The Office of the Chief Scientist’s (OCS) various bilateral and multinational programs offer Israeli companies the unique opportunity to enter new international markets and receive funding for joint R&D projects. Yet, for many Israeli companies that don’t have international partners, the doors to the OCS funding platforms are closed.  The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) program breaks down these barriers by helping companies find suitable partners using a strategic approach.
Understanding the EEN

The EEN is the largest business network in Europe, aimed at promoting and facilitating international R&D as well as technological and commercial collaboration. The extensive global EEN network features 1000s of companies affiliated with 600 partner organizations in 50 countries in Europe and beyond.

The EEN in Israel is coordinated by MATIMOP in partnership with the Manufacturer’s Association of Israel and the Israel Export Institute.   MATIMOP has a dedicated EEN team with the sole focus of providing assistance to Israeli companies in their search for suitable R&D partners and of enhancing Israeli companies’ visibility in the global marketplace.

Benefits of EEN Membership

By joining the EEN, you will gain access to the following:   

  • Active facilitation of relevant business-to-business meetings
  • Additional global channel to conduct your partner search
  • Information on funding and grant opportunities
  • Networking opportunities and matchmaking events (in Israel and beyond)
  • Promotion of your company in Europe and beyond
  • Association with the largest business network in Europe

An example of one Israeli company’s unique experience with the EEN comes from the EEN’s SME Week – an annual event dedicated to SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). During the SME Week in 2012, the EEN chose to feature a winning Israeli company in the field of renewable energy in its promotional materials of success stories. The Israeli company will be featured in various global marketing channels and will participate in a special event in Brussels.

Want to Join?

Joining the EEN is simple. If you are an Israeli company, simply contact the EEN Israel team, who will work with you to understand your partnership needs and create a profile that will be featured on the global EEN database. The database contains thousands of profiles representing active partner searches of European companies.

Being featured in the database enables potential partners to express an interest in your project. Expressions of interest are carefully screened by our team and only relevant offerings are forwarded to you, who can in return decide to directly communicate with the foreign entity and mutually explore the potential for joint collaboration.

Join today and expand your business opportunities dramatically.

To learn more, contact our designated program manager Ms. Liron Eldar (Liron@matimop.org.il)