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Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)


Enterprise Europe Network in Israel
Your Gateway to Business in Europe


You are looking for business partners -- We help you find them in nearly 50 countries.

You need the right technology -- We have the world's largest technology transfer database.

You want to enter new markets -- We offer advice on EU laws and funding.
We are the ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK, business support on your doorstep.

With a dedicated Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Israel team here at MATIMOP, we provide you with access to partner matching services, referral programs, funding and grants, exclusive events and conferences, and more.

The EEN is the largest business network in Europe aimed at promoting and facilitating international technological and business collaboration. The extensive global EEN network features 600 partner organizations in nearly 50 countries in Europe and beyond. EEN services are specifically designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but are also available to all businesses, research centers and universities.

We bring you opportunities in the European Union and beyond and offer guidance and advice to make the most of them. We are pleased to offer this support as a complimentary service at MATIMOP.
EEN Active Partner Searches:

There are many foreign companies actively searching for relevant partners who could be potential matches for Calls for Proposals that are currently open.  Please see the attachments below for details.
For your general partner search needs, please visit our Partner Search Corner.

EEN Brokerage Events:

 Click here for more information about EEN-related events in Israel and around the world.


Uri Fishelson
Program Coordinator for EEN-Israel  


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