(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)


Industrial R&D Cooperation with Europe

As Israel’s number one trading partner, Europe is a continent rich in opportunities for Israeli industry. European countries, the EU and Israel have a long history of successful and groundbreaking technological and scientific cooperation in a number of fields – much of which is a result of the many bilateral cooperation agreements between Israel and European countries, along with Israel’s membership in a number of multinational programs for collaboration in industrial R&D.  Europe is to date Israel's main partner for collaborative industrial  R&D projects, allowing Israeli companies to access know how, R&D infrastructure and access to world markets together with European partners.
Israel's bilateral and multinational R&D programs with Europe are implemented by the Israel-Europe R&D Directorate (ISERD).  For full information about these bilateral and multinational programs, along with the Horizon 2020 program, please visit the ISERD website: http://www.iserd.org.il/

Europe Department




Contact Info


Uzi Bar Sadeh
Program Manager, Eastern & Southern Europe

Spain, Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe, Balkan Countries, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey



Ran Arad
Program Manager, Northern & Western Europe

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), UK, France, Italy, Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland), Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg)



Argentina & Israel R&D Cooperation Program - EUREKA
Argentina & Israel R&D Cooperation Program - EUREKA