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Israeli Delegation visit - Dec. 2-8, 2012 & Grants for establishing Marketing Offices in India

GRANT for Establishing Marketing Office in India or China

Are you an Israeli company interested in doing business in India or China? 20 million NIS is waiting for you at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.Companies which are approved will receive grants for up to 50% of the cost of establishing a representative marking office in the target countries.The deadline for submitting applications is November 11, 2012. One hundred applications have been submitted for the program to date, of which 43 have been accepted. Grants totaling NIS 58 million have been awarded over the last three years, with the average grant amounting to NIS 1.3 million.

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Israeli Delegation to India and Nepal (December 2-8, 2012) – Sign up now!

 You are invited to participate in a delegation to India and Nepa lheaded by the Minister of Industry & Trade, Mr.Shalom Simhon. The trip is sponsored by the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce; the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor; and the Israel Export Institute.The delegationwill be composed of two groups:

 a.      A group organized by the Ministryof Industry and the Export Institute for Israeli water and agro companies in India only, from December 2-6.

b.     A group organized by the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce, headed by the President of the Chamber of Commercein Israel, former MK and Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Ran Cohen. Thismulti-sectoral group is designed for companies who want to pursue business in India and Nepal.The delegation will begin its visit toIndia along with the group organized by the Ministry and Export Institute, and will then continue ona two-day visit to Nepal.

 If you are interested in participating, please contact Ms. Natasha Slavachevsky, Managing Director, Israel-Asia Chamber Of Commerce:

Natasha Slavachevsky
Tel: +972-3-5161372