(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

4th Call for Proposals: Japan-Israel R&D Cooperation Program

Deadline for Expression of Interest submission: 22.06.2017
Deadline for Full Application submission: 06.07.2017 (Closed)
Open to almost all technological sectors -  Please see  Guidelines

4th Japan-Israel Call for Proposals
Japan-Israel R&D Cooperation Program
Launch Date: April 6, 2017
Expression of Interest: June 22, 2017
Full Application Deadline: July 06, 2017

Israeli and Japanese companies engaged in collaborative R&D projects are invited to apply for financial support through the Japan-Israel R&D Cooperation Program

Israel Innovation Authority, formerly known as the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) in Israel, and NEDO, on behalf of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Japan, invite Israeli and Japanese companies to submit joint proposals for industrial research and development projects under the current Call for Proposals (CFP).

Companies and projects from almost all technology fields can apply, with preference for projects in the fields of new energy, energy conservation, smart community, environment and resource conservation, robot technology, machinery systems  technology, electronics, Information and Telecommunications, materials and nanotechnology, water treatment and biotech.  Please inquire with the program manager to make sure the technology field of your project is eligible.
Full Application (Bilateral Application Form (BAF) + Letter of Intent (LOI) + National Project Proposal (NPP)) should be submitted by the Full Application Deadline – July 06, 2017


In order to apply to the current CFP, joint projects must meet the following criteria:

  • At least one science and technology company from each of the respective countries should express a desire to cooperate in the research and development of a new product or a new process.
  • The project may involve more than one company from each side; academic/research entities are eligible to join as sub-contractors only.
  • The product should be highly innovative with significant commercial potential. The joint industrial R&D project should aim at the development of products/processes leading to commercialization in the global market.
  • Companies and projects from the technology fields including new energy, energy conservation, smart community, environment and resource conservation, robot technology, machinery systems technology, electronics, Information and Telecommunications, materials and nanotechnology, biotechnology, agricultural machinery, medical devices and water treatment are eligible to apply
  • The project partners should agree in advance on the IP rights and on the commercialization strategy of the product or process
  • The project should demonstrate the contribution of the participants from both countries
  • The project must be balanced between participants and significant to both partners.
  • The maximum project period is three years.

For full details on the Call for Proposals , including terms of funding an d eligibility requirements, please read the attached Guidelines document. Details in Japanese are available on the NEDO website.


1. Read completely the attached CFP Guidelines Document

2. Express interest in applying by filling out an expression of interest form by June 22, and send to Talia.Goshen@innovationisrael.org.il

3. Apply! Israeli and Japanese companies should submit both their Full National Applications (according to the local rules), and their Bilateral Application Form + Letter of Intent, and send all forms via email to the Israeli and Japanese Program Managers by July 06, 2017:


The current call for proposals is open to companies that already have identified partners and have a mature project plan. However, Israel  Innovation  Authority and NEDO can assist companies in identifying potential partners for R&D projects for this and future calls for proposals. 


CFP Launch

April 6, 2017

Expression of Interest Period

Till June 22, 2017

Deadline for Full Application
(BAF + LOI + NPP):

July 06, 2017

Evaluation Period:

July 06 - by or around Sept. 2017

Joint Committee

September 2017



Dor Tal
Manager – Japan-Israel Cooperation Program
International Collaborations Division
Israel Innovation Authority
Tel: +972 3 5118117
Email: Dor.Tal@innovationisrael.org.il


Shinichi INOUE ("Shin Ino")
Deputy Director, International Affairs Department
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Phone: +81- 44 - 520 - 5190
Email: international@ml.nedo.go.jp