(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

The Merage Institute Leadership Program for Medical Device Entrepreneurs

The Merage Institute Leadership Program

for Medical Devices entrepreneurs

Israeli leaders, particularly in the Medical Devices industry, often struggle with cultural and professional gaps when seeking U.S expansion, directly impacting their businesses abilityto succeed in the competitive and global marketplace. The Merage institute seeks to help executives bridge those gaps by providing a 100% subsidized gift to hand-selected individuals as part of the global Merage mission of bridging the innovation gap between Israel and the United States.

The upcoming Leadership Executive program will take place from September 18 th , 2016 to September 30 th , 2016 and will provide industry leaders and executives with hands on training in negotiation techniques, applied networking skills, sales strategies and more as well as teach effective and proven approaches to marketing, financial management, and legal barriers with specific emphasis on the Medical Devices industry.

During the two-week program participants will engage with leading medical devices leaders and participate in project-focused lessons that will enhance their ability to growth their business and expand global efforts in the United States. The program is led by renowned entrepreneurs and educators and includes valuable networking opportunities with potential investors and partners.

Application to the Medical Devices leadership program is limitedto fifteen founders and executives of startup companies in Israel which have completed the first round of financing and have a product prototype.

The Mergae institute covers all non-incidental costs of attending the program exceptfor transportation . Applicants much be citizensof Israel and speak fluent English.

Applications are available at www.merageinstitute.org and must be submitted by 22:00 on 01.07.16.


The Merage Institute was founded by Paul Merage, leading food innovator and creator of “Chef America,” the first start-up frozen food company in 1975. Best known for Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets, “Chef America”was one of the largest and most profitable privatelyheld companies in the UnitedStates until being sold to Nestle in 2002 for $2.6 billion. To learn more about Paul Merage and the Merage Instutute, visit www.merageinstitute.org today.