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January 2015 Leadership Program for HLS/Cyber Executives

Application for January 2015 Leadership Program for HLS/Cyber Executives
Deadline for Applications:  Nov. 23, 2014

We are pleased to invite you to attend the Merage Institute for U.S.-Israel Innovation Bridge Leadership Program for HLS Executives. The two-week program takes place in Irvine, California from January 11 to January 24, 2015

The Leadership Program for HLS/Cyber Executives focuses on enhancing your and your company’s ability to operate in the United States and to succeed in the global marketplace.

The program provides highly effective approaches to successful marketing, negotiation techniques, applied networking and sales strategies, finance, and legal and procurement issues for Israeli entrepreneurs operating in the U.S. market. Faculty members include some of the most effective U.S. entrepreneurs as well as experts from leading U.S. business schools. Faculty lead you and your colleagues through highly interactive sessions that include relevant case studies, simulations, and project-focused assignments. In addition, a special focus will be devoted to the cyber industry, the business decision making process in the cyber eco-system, relevant business approach, models, and pricing, and future business opportunities in this market.

The integrated program features an innovative business development component beginning with introductions to relevant U.S. entrepreneurs possibly interested in cooperating with value-adding Israeli businesses. This relationship begins during your coursework in the program and expands on a continuous basis as you and your firm develops over the years.


Criteria for Nomination and Selection: The Merage Institute selects up to 18 participants for each Executive Leadership Program. The program is limited to applicants from   HLS/Cyber-related industries including traffic & arms control, border security, personal safety, Cyber protection, law enforcement officers training equipment, Air & Environment safety & control, command & control systems, surveillance systems, protective equipment, military electronics, anti-terror systems, Non-lethal weapons, fire control, Energy Storage systems, range finders, optical equipment, UAV's, UGV's and related industries.


The institute is seeking applicants who are executives at Israeli startup companies which have received first-stage financing and at have at least a Prototype or a demo. The institute may choose to admit a limited additional number of participants from companies of a different profile.


Applications are reviewed by the Institute’s Israeli Advisory Board. The top-ranked candidates will be interviewed by the Israeli Advisory Board, which submits nominations to the Merage Institute for final consideration. Both the applicants and the company they represent must demonstrate a clear capacity and commitment to develop and implement strategies to successfully penetrate U.S. markets. The Institute considers applicants and companies whose products and/or services reflect a potential comparative or competitive advantage in U.S. markets.

For participants from companies who are selected, the Institute covers all non-incidental costs of attending the program (food, lodging, etc.), except for transportation.

Applicants must be citizens of Israel and speak English fluently.


Early Registration - Deadlines:

Applications, CV, Company profile, JPG (photo of the participant) for the January 2015 Leadership Program for HLS Executives must be submitted to Yael@yaelsverdloff.co.il  no later than Nov 23, 2014.