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Multinational Industrial R&D Cooperation Programs


In pursuing international collaborative R&D opportunities for Israeli industry, MATIMOP serves as the national contact point for multi-lateral innovation programs funded through the European Commission and other agencies.


EUREKA is the world’s largest program promoting industrial innovation, aiding and supporting industrial R&D projects aimed at developing new products and bringing them to the market. Israel has reached outstanding achievements within this program owing to the key role played by its hi-tech sector and the Chief Scientist’s encouraging policy towards industrial-technological cooperation. Israel was chosen to serve as the Chairman of EUREKA in 2010 - 2011.

Eurostars is an SME research program, based on the EUREKA model, adapted to the specific needs of small and medium enterprises and start-ups.
EUREKA Clusters provide a unique opportunity to team up with market leaders in the ICT, Water and Energy sectors. These thematic programs generate calls and label projects, driving European standards and the inter-operability of products and technologies in specific industrial domains.

Enterprise Europe Network in Israel (EEN Israel) is coordinated by MATIMOP, providing Israeli companies and researchers with access to opportunities for technological, industrial and business cooperation in over 44 countries, with over 600 centers throughout Europe and beyond.


GALILEO is the European program for global Satellite Navigation and Positioning Systems.

New INDIGO is a consortium of European and Indian S&T organizations involved in promoting research cooperation between Europe and India. It is intended to strengthen the international dimension of the European Research Area (ERA) and to provide a gateway to European S&T for networking with the Indian S&T Community.
Services for water and integrated techniques for food industry
Cooperation in the treatment and valorization of Olive Mill waste water