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New Indigo Program
Science brings India and Europe Closer


New INDIGO is a consortium of European and Indian S&T organizations involved in promoting research cooperation between Europe and India. It is intended to strengthen the international dimension of the European Research Area (ERA) and to provide a gateway to European S&T for networking with the Indian S&T Community.

Four main activities of New INDIGO:


1. Implementing and monitoring a call for collaborative projects.


2. Developing a success scenario for future S&T cooperation and thereby analyzing the potential as well as drivers of and barriers to this cooperation. This is done by the implementation of a Policy Foresight Study.


3. Screening of ongoing S&T cooperation between and identification of research hotspots in India and Europe. A respective database of institutions in Europe and institutions in India and existing bilateral programmes has been setup.


4. Sharing experience with other geographic Era-Nets and identify opportunities for mutual beneficial cooperation between India and thematic Era-Nets as well as between India and NCP-projects.




Regarding its rising importance not only in economical and political terms, but also from a scientific point of view, India has been quoted a strategic target country by the European Commission.


Since the signature of the Europe-India Science and Technology Agreement in November 2001 a Joint Action Plan has been drawn up and EU-India summits in S&T are held in order to promote this cooperation. It was quoted in the India-EU Joint Statement of 30 November 2007 that effort should be consented towards the creation of joint infrastructure for advanced research and funding systems for symmetric programmes for promotion of S&T collaboration. It was also stated that leaders would welcome strengthened partnership initiatives such as joint projects with co-investment of resources in selected fields of mutual priority.

On the other hand longstanding scientific cooperation between India and certain European countries, especially France, Germany and UK, is vigorous and fruitful. Despite these facts, relationships with India in R&D have not been harmonized so far at a European level. There is little multilateral S&T cooperation between the European Union and India, and there is no dedicated programme of cooperation between these two big scientific poles.


The aim of New INDIGO is to help filling these gaps and ultimately provide the most relevant framework to allow the scientific community and institutions of India to access the European Research Area, and the Euro-Indian S&T cooperation to fully benefit from the new networking tools which have been set up, notably the FP7.

NEW INIGO 3rd Call for Proposals
New INDIGO launched its third call for research projects in the field of Biotechnology applied to Human Health. Learn more.



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