(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

New Call for Proposals Annouced with Brazil in Life Sciences, ICT and HLS

A new call for proposals for Brazilian-Israeli industrial R&D cooperation projects in the fields of life sciences, ICT, and homeland security (defense) is now open until April 22, 2013. The call was launched following an announcement last month of plans to renew R&D cooperation ties between the Secretariat of Innovation in the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade of Brazil (MDIC) and MATIMOP on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist.

The collaboration between Israel and Brazil is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding signed on February 27, 2007, to support joint industrial research and development (R&D) between their private sectors, aimed at the development of new products and processes for commercialization in the domestic and/or global markets. This program sets a parallel scheme through which each government has pledged to provide support to its companies for engaging in such collaborative R&D in projects that will be mutually approved by both sides.

This corporation has helped “allow both countries to leverage their research and technology strengths to address some important global challenges,” said Michel Hivert, managing director of MATIMOP. Mr. Nelson Fujimoto, Secretary of Innovation of the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade stated “We consider this country as a strategic partner,”. He believes that “Israel is a very small country but is very strong in its innovation system.” Representatives from the Innovation Agencies of Brazil and Israel now invite Brazilian and Israeli companies and their collaborators to submit proposals for R&D projects in the following technological fields: life sciences, ICT, and homeland security (defense)

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