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New Agreement between Israel and San Paulo advances R&D Cooperation

 New Agreement between Israel and San Paulo advances R&D Cooperation

San Paulo, November 6, 2012: Representatives from FAPESP, the São Paulo Research Foundation, and MATIMOP, the Israeli Industry Center for R&D, signed an agreement on Tuesday (Nov. 6) to promote bilateral R&D and innovation activities between entities from the State of São Paulo, The Federative Republic of Brazil, and from the State of Israel.

"With the collaboration between companies supported and monitored by FAPESP and MATIMOP, we hope to develop excellent innovations and also hook up the innovation in Israel with that in São Paulo, from an industrial perspective," said Michel Hivert, MATIMOP's Managing Director.

"This means that, although scientific research is very important, we want to see innovative products on the market within two years," said Hivert.

The agreement includes calling for two proposals per year and project financing tailored to the norms of the programs - Innovative Research in Small Enterprises (PIPE) and Support for Research in Partnership for Technological Innovation (PITE), of FAPESP.

In each proposed project, researchers from Israeli companies will be able to join up with researchers from research institutions in São Paulo linked to small companies (with up to 250 employees) or larger ones, set up in the state of São Paulo.

The agreement was drafted in 2011, at FAPESP, and the establishment of its terms was completed after the visit of the CEO of the Technical-Administrative Board of FAPESP, José Arana Varela, to the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) and MATIMOP, responsible for interaction programs with companies.

"The focus of the Israeli agency is consistent with FAPESP's innovation programs, and thus the option was approved to apply PIPE and PITE norms to the projects selected during the agreement that was under negotiation at the time," said Varela.

The proposals will be assessed by FAPESP and the OCS/MATIMOP and those that are approved by both parties will be funded. The resources to support the projects will be divided equally between the two institutions.

"One of FAPESP's missions is to support technological development in São Paulo, and the agreement with MATIMOP constitutes a major stimulus for innovation in the state," said Celso Lafer, president of FAPESP.

"FAPESP has made efforts to expand international collaboration in science and technology research projects, and this agreement entails a significant contribution toward its specific objectives in the area of ​​innovation," he said.

Source: Fernando Cunha, Agência FAPESP “Israeli agency and FAPESP will support research in innovation”


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Michel Hivert - MATIMOP Managing Director; José Arana Varela, President-Director of the technical and Administrative council of FAPESP; Celso Lafer, president of FAPESP