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Volume 1 Issue 6

July 31, 2012

The R&D Insider

Bringing you the latest updates on international cooperation in industrial R&D


Welcome to the sixth issue of The R&D Insider, the electronic newsletter of MATIMOP – The Israeli Industry Center for R&D. The R&D Insider brings you the latest R&D and innovation highlights from Israel and MATIMOP’s partner organizations around the world, including open calls for proposals for industrial R&D cooperation, R&D news items, events, success stories, partner search resources, and more.


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Israeli European GNSS Info Centre (ISEG) Launched: Boosting cooperation between EU and Israel on Satellite Navigation Technologies 


July 31, 2012 – Tel Aviv, Israel – MATIMOP, the Israeli Industry Centre for R&D, today announced the launch of the Israeli European GNSS (ISEG) Information Centre, a new initiative aimed at increasing the visibility of EU Satellite Navigation Programs and activities in Israel. The centre is operated by MATIMOP – The Israeli Industry Centre for R&D, with the support of the European Commission.  Marking the launch, Michel Hivert, MATIMOP Managing Director, said: “There is great potential for Israeli companies to develop applications and technologies that utilize European satellite systems, including the cutting-edge GALILEO programme. The Information Centre will foster technological cooperation and encourage innovation between Israel and Europe in this promising field.” 


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Governments of Canada and Israel move forward on Collaboration in Technology Innovation


Representatives from the Governments of Canada and Israel were in Ottawa on July 24, 2012 to deliver on their commitments made during the Canada-Israel Technology Innovation Summits held in 2010 and 2011. Canadian and Israeli companies and their collaborators may now submit their proposals for research and development projects in areas of mutual priorities which include water, renewable energy, and brain-related research. “This joint Israel-Canada R&D cooperation enables both countries to leverage their research and technology strengths for addressing some of the most pressing challenges the world is facing,” said Avi Hasson, Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor of Israel. “We are confident that this new cooperation is an important addition to the existing support mechanisms and will intensify and deepen the methods of technology collaboration between Canada and Israel and create new opportunities for our industries”.    


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Innovate Israel 2012 Attracts 500 Business and Government Leaders


June 26, Innovate Israel - the largest ever UK-Israel related business event - focusing on web, mobile and digital media, attracted over 500 business leaders, decision makers, investors, entrepreneurs as well as senior politicians and diplomats from Israel, the UK and the States of Jersey. Co-chaired by internet entrepreneurs Yossi Vardi and Marc Worth and organized by UK ISRAEL BUSINESS in partnership with the Trade & Economic Office of the Israel Embassy and the Israel Export Institute, Innovate Israel created a platform for lead generation, business to business networking and investment opportunities.  Special guests included Dov Moran - Israeli engineer, businessman and one of the inventors of the USB flash drive, Brent Hoberman - founder of, Errol Damelin - founder of and Jimmy Wales - founder of Wikipedia, who attended the British Israeli Business Awards in the evening, as the keynote speaker.


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Inviting you to apply for funding for a joint R&D project featuring at least one Israeli company and one foreign company.  Funding is provided by the OCS through bilateral and multinational cooperation agreements.







China (All Provinces)-Israel

All technological fields

August 6, 2012


Uruguay-Israel EXTENDED

All technological fields

August 30, 2012


Euripides (EUREKA Cluster)  NEW!

Packaging & Integration of Devices & Smart Systems

September 10, 2012



All technological fields

September 10, 2012


IBM Global NEW!


September 14, 2012


Singapore-Israel (SIIRD) NEW!

All technological fields

October 1, 2012


Celtic-Plus (EUREKA ICT Cluster)  NEW!

Telecom, New Media, Future Internet

October 15, 2012


Canada-Israel NEW!

Brain Research, Water, Energy

October 22, 2012


Argentina-Israel NEW!

All technological fields

Mid-November 2012 (TBD)


Joint R&D with Coca Cola Company  

Agriculture and Packaging



Joint R&D with Bombardier




US-Israel (Roadshow)  EXTENDED





HLS, ICT, Life Sciences

Coming Soon!



Life Sciences, ICT, Clean Tech

Coming Soon!





Check out MATIMOP’s Partner Search Corner for a listing of companies actively looking for partners, fill out a partner search form, or contact the Enterprise Europe Network - Israel.  EEN-Israel connects you with innovative champions around the world who are interested in collaborating on technological R&D projects.  Their dedicated support team will help you find the ideal partner for your project.




Innovate Israel 2012 attracts 500 Business & Gov Leaders in London  
On 26 June, Innovate Israel - the largest ever UK-Israel related business event - focusing on web, mobile and digital media, attracted over 500 business leaders, decision makers, investors, entrepreneurs as well as senior politicians and diplomats from Israel, the UK and the States of Jersey.


Israeli Clean Energy Road Show to China - Sep 3-14, 2012
Israeli clean energy companies are invited to participate in this partially subsidized trip to China for business cooperation.


US-Israel Bio-Energy Roadshow – October 14-22 2012

Israeli biofuels companies and academics are invited to visit the U.S. to explore business cooperation opportunities and form a collaborative effort on bioenergy between the U.S. and Israel.




The “Upside” to International Cooperation: Starhome brings Cellular to Smart Systems


"Usually companies concentrate most of their resources in their main activity, and sometimes find it difficult to divert their resources for development in other potential directions. If there is funding and support for research projects, it helps companies explore new possibilities,” says Shai Ophir, CTO of Starhome. Starhome is engaged in supplying services to cellular operators and has under its belt a number of projects carried out in recent years together with leading European companies in the field, in the framework of the Celtic Program.


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