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Volume 1 Issue 7

September 4, 2012

The R&D Insider

Bringing you the latest updates on international cooperation in industrial R&D


Welcome to the seventh issue of The R&D Insider, the electronic newsletter of MATIMOP – The Israeli Industry Center for R&D. The R&D Insider brings you the latest R&D and innovation highlights from Israel and MATIMOP’s partner organizations around the world, including open calls for proposals for industrial R&D cooperation, R&D news items, events, success stories, partner search resources, and more.


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New Funding Opportunities for Israeli Companies in the Americas


The newly established Americas Division at MATIMOP is launching new funding frameworks supporting joint industrial R&D projects between Israeli companies and companies from the Americas region. These bilateral programs enable companies from Israel to mutually collaborate on technologically innovative projects with companies from North and Latin America, accelerating time to market and enjoying access to governmental funding for these activities. Michel Hivert, MATIMOP’s Managing Director said: “MATIMOP’s bilateral schemes are an effective tool which, in addition to funding, provide immediate access to leading and emerging global markets, risk sharing and assistance in partner matching”.


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Support for HLS and Cyber-Tech in New Innovation Competition


MATIMOP, the Israel Export Institute, and the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) have launched an international annual innovation competition in Homeland Security and Cyber technologies, to be held during the Israel 2012 HLS convention in Tel Aviv from November 11-14, 2012.  The competition will be conducted on two independent tracks, for HLS and Cyber, and for established companies and startups separately.  The winning companies will be offered substantial prizes.


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Israeli Clean Energy Delegation on Roadshow to China


Together with the scientific department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, MATIMOP has organized a fascinating roadshow to China from September 3-14, 2012. This is the second year that such a roadshow has been launched, and will this year focus on the Clean Energy sector, specifically on the fields of Photovoltaic (PV), Fuel Cells (FC), Electric Drive Vehicles and Biofuel. A delegation of seven selected Israeli clean energy companies have begun their journey in China, which will take them to Jinan (Shandong Province), Changzhou (Jiangsu Province) Tianjin and Beijing.  Altogether, more than 180 B2B meetings were scheduled with leading Chinese companies; the B2B activities will be accompanied by visits to technological parks.


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Inviting you to apply for funding for a joint R&D project featuring at least one Israeli company and one foreign company.  Funding is provided by the OCS through bilateral and multinational cooperation agreements.







Euripides (EUREKA Cluster)  

Packaging & Integration of Devices & Smart Systems

September 10, 2012



All technological fields

September 10, 2012


ABB Ltd. Israeli Technology Day NEW!

Water, Energy, Cyber Security, General Security Industrial Automation,

September 14, 2012


IBM Global


September 14, 2012


Singapore-Israel (SIIRD)

All technological fields

October 1, 2012


Celtic-Plus (EUREKA ICT Cluster)  

Telecom, New Media, Future Internet

October 15, 2012



Brain Research, Water, Energy

October 22, 2012



All technological fields

October 18, 2012



Life Sciences, ICT, Clean Tech

December 7, 2012



All technological fields



Joint R&D with Coca Cola Company  

Agriculture and Packaging



Joint R&D with Bombardier




US-Israel (Roadshow)  EXTENDED





HLS, ICT, Life Sciences

Coming Soon!


Czech Republic-Israel

All technological fields

Coming Soon!



All technological fields

Coming Soon!


Trento (Italy)-Israel

All technological fields

Coming Soon!





Whether you are an Israeli company looking for a foreign partner, or a foreign company searching for an Israeli company, MATIMOP can help. MATIMOP assists Israeli companies and international companies find suitable partners in Israel and around the world in order to team up and pursue collaborative R&D projects in all technological fields. MATIMOP utilizes its extensive database and range of contacts to ensure that companies from Israel and abroad can find appropriate technology development partners.


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China-Israel Hi-Tech Investments Summit - Haifa - Sep. 10-11, 2012  NEW!
The China-Israel Hi-Tech Investments Summit will bring more than 150 Chinese investors, companies and government representatives to Haifa for two intensive days of information sessions and networking with Israeli technology entrepreneurs. 


DLD Tel Aviv Conference & Festival – Oct. 21-25, 2012 NEW!

You are invited to participate in the DLD Conference & Festival being held in Tel Aviv from October 21-25, 2012 at the Jaffa Port. The DLD conference is one of Europe’s leading events for digital innovation and culture, serving as a platform to connect global thinkers, CEOs, futurists, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, opinion formers and creative talents.


ABB Ltd. Israeli Technology Day in Zurich - Nov. 22, 2012 NEW!

Apply to participate in the ABB Ltd. Israeli Technology Day in Zurich, for innovative Israeli company in the fields of Water, Energy, Cyber Security, General Security, and Industrial Automation. Deadline September 14, 2012.


Innovation Contest for Homeland Security (HLS) Companies – Nov. 11-14, 2012 NEW!

Companies in the field of homeland security are invited to participate in an international competition in the framework of the National Homeland Security Conference 2012. Applications due by September 20, 2012. 


Call for Participation: EnergyVest Conference at Eilat-Eilot – Nov. 27-29, 2012  NEW!

Companies in the fields of Renewable Energy, Oil Alternatives, Energy Efficiency, & Smart Energy are invited to participate in an Investors Conference at the Eilat-Eilot Energy Conference on November 27-29, 2012. Registration by September 1, 2012.


US-Israel Bio-Energy Roadshow – March 2013

Israeli biofuels companies and academics are invited to visit the U.S. to explore business cooperation opportunities and form a collaborative effort on bioenergy between the U.S. and Israel.


Brazil and Israel sign cooperation for projects in Information and Communication Technologies NEW!

Brazil and Israel will sign an agreement of cooperation for financing projects, starting at $500 thousand to develop new technologies in the ICT sector.


Governments of Canada and Israel move forward on collaboration in technology innovation

A new funding platform allows Canadian and Israeli companies to submit proposals for R&D projects in the following sectors: water, renewable energy, and brain-related research.





Elbit Security Systems – Ushering in a New Era in Traffic Control through Cooperation with Europe


“There's a constant information exchange, and project leaders touch base all the time,” says Yosi Haimovitch, CTO of Elbit Security Systems (ELSEC). "This is a new era in traffic control," says Haimovitch. ELSEC is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., which specializes in developing systems for Homeland Security and providing comprehensive solutions in the field of national security, security of sites, airport security, coastal surveillance and the like. The company, which develops unique and complete systems ready for action, approached MATIMOP in order to leverage its capabilities and identify potential partners for developing and marketing new products in Europe under the banner of the EUREKA program for the purpose of collaboration in research and development.


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