(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Israeli Industry Oil and Gas Catalogue


The first edition of the “Israeli Industry Oil and Gas Catalogue” was recently published by the Office of the Chief Scientist, MATIMOP, and the Israel Export Institute. Through an extensive and broad approach to the Israeli industry at large, the catalogue profiles 148 companies with a clear value proposition specifically relevant to the oil and gas industry. The companies are divided into six major categories: Monitoring & Control, IT & Communications, Consulting & Services, Engineering & Construction, Safety & Security, and Water & Environment.

The catalogue seeks to help leverage Israel's recent offshore natural gas discoveries to develop an Israeli knowledge-based supplier industry integrated into the oil and gas sector, both locally and globally. The oil and gas industry is a natural partner for Israeli industry: addressing the major technological challenges facing the global oil and gas industry require expertise in a host of different disciplines, and, for many of these disciplines, Israeli industry is already known to excel on a global scale.

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