(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)
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International Industrial R&D Cooperation Programs


MATIMOP generates, implements and administers international programs on behalf of Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist.


MATIMOP implements an increasing range of international programs on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), which are both bilateral and multinational in nature. The Government of Israel has entered into more than 40bilateral Industrial R&D Support Agreements all over the world and participates actively in 5 multinational European programs. All programs share common benefits for Israeli companies, as well as offer international companies access to Israeli industry's unique capacity for innovation.  Efforts to expand Israel’s network of international industrial R&D collaboration with new countries, states, provinces and regions is ongoing – in fact, more than 17 agreements are in the pipeline.


In pursuing international collaborative R&D opportunities for Israeli industry, two main program models are followed:·      Independent bi-national funds, with each nation making an equal contribution; Parallel support arrangements, whether bi-national or multi-national whereby each nation is committed to funding R&D performed by the joint venture partner company from its own country in accordance with their respective laws and regulations. 


Whether an actual fund with an independent legal structure, a "virtual fund" based on parallel support, or cooperation in the context of multinational programs, all international industrial R&D support programs share similar characteristics and guidelines.