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South Carolina – Israel joint R&D Program: 4th Request for Proposals

Deadline for Submission: March 26, 2018
Open to all technological sectors 

 Israel - South Carolina joint R&D Program:
 Request for Proposals


Deadline for Submission: March 26, 2018

The Israel Innovation Authority and the Global Alliance for South Carolina (GASC) have jointly released the Request for Proposals in support of a collaborative industry research and development program aiming to generate innovative joint R&D projects between companies in Israel and South Carolina  


      : The focus of this RFP will be on the following technology domains

Biomedical / Life Sciences

Advanced Materials

Sustainable Energy / Water / Agriculture Systems

Transportation (Aerospace / Automotive)

Defense / Homeland Security

Insurance / Health Information Technology

Bilateral proposals having potentially high impact will be accepted in technology domains beyond the six areas specified above.

Parallel Funding Model:
Israeli companies may be eligible for funding for up to 50% of the R&D costs from OCS. South Carolina-based companies will get the funding from GASC. GASC has allocated 500,000$ USD to the program.

    GASC and the IIA envision making multiple awards under this RFP, depending on the merit of the project proposals, the budgets associated with those proposals, and the overall availability of funds.

  For Further assistance, please contact:    

South Carolina
Mr. Russ Keller
Senior Vice President
            Advanced Technology International
Tel: +1 843-760-4358
Mr. Jonathan Cohen
Program Manager – North American Desk
            Israel Innovation Authority
Tel: +972-3-5118155
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