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Success Stories

In MATIMOP's  Success Story Booklets  and on its website, you will find a sample of success stories from hundreds of projects by companies who made use of the various programs for international collaboration that are implemented by MATIMOP. Israeli industry is a global industry hundreds of companies are active in international R&D programs; countries, companies and huge corporations are seeking technological and scientific innovation in Israel. The Israeli leap into international markets is the result of a successful mix of entrepreneurship, innovation, technological infrastructure and knowledge a breakthrough driven by national policy that structures the international map of alliances, tools, national funding platforms and access to joint R&D funding.

Israel’s HQL Partners with China’s Longthera to Research Cancer DrugThe partnership between Israel's HQL and China's Longthera was facilitated by MATIMOP, and the companies will be receiving funding totalling US$1.5M to support their breakthrough research.
Israel’s HQL Partners with China’s Longthera to Research Cancer Drug
“Far Beyond Financing” – MATIMOP for Utilight in China

Utilight is developing a revolutionary printing technology for the manufacturing of PV solar cells. The company was approved for funding under the Jiangsu (China) - Israel Industrial R&D Program with its Chinese partner

“Far Beyond Financing” – MATIMOP for Utilight in China
Visualead Enters the Chinese Market with a Splash
Visualead is turning the traditional QR code on its head by creating effective and creative QR codes
Visualead Enters the Chinese Market with a Splash
Evogene and DBN partner to Improve Productivity in Rice Evogene and DBN collaborate to improve productivity by increasing fertilizer uptake and drought tolerance in rice. 
Evogene and DBN partner to Improve Productivity in Rice
The international collaboration between Improdia and SBH Sciences provided funding, significant exposure, and an opportunity to break into the American market.
Improdia: Reporting on the Status of the Immune System
CellEra’s fuel cells, along with Volkswagen’s knowledge and experience, make electric driving cheaper and precious metals redundant
Entering a New Era in Electric Cars: CellEra & Volkswagen
"Turning Olive Oil Waste into Euros while Protecting Nature"
Check-Cap developed a technology for 3D colon mapping and quick screening of malignant tumors, specifically for the early stages. “Studies show that the main reasons for avoiding the screening are the pain it entails and the unpleasant preparations,” says Lior Torem, Check-Cap’s CFO. “Our pill is the alternative for an invasive colonoscopy.”Check-cap’s pill contains a radioactive energy source and detectors, which scan the colon and transmit data to an outside receiver. The process is easy and simple, and eliminates the need for fasting and the insertion of a camera, which are required during a routine, traditional screening. Check-Cap’s need for additional knowledge and experience with the use of radioactive materials for medical applications led to the beginning of an international collaboration project with American company Lantheus.
Check-Cap: Fast, Convenient, and Simple Colon Cancer Screening