(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Aeroscout's Tracking Technology Travels to Argentina

"Our partnership with an Argentinean company enabled us to penetrate a new market, and to benefit from technological expertise that is difficult to find here [in Israel]," says Daniel Alhadaf, CTO of AeroScout.

AeroScout develops and provides unique "location tracking" solutions that enable organizations to control their assets and valuables in an optimal fashion. The company develops and produces diverse types of hardware and software, including special tags that include various applications enabling one to track and manage equipment and human resources.

For example, Aeroscout can attach electronic tags that use Wi-Fi to people and equipment within a hospital, allowing hospital managers to receive information and relevant reports that can be quite valuable. "We are the international leader in this industry", says Alhadaf, "we are leading technologically and are leading the market". AeroScout currently has a staff of approximately 150 employees.

New Opportunities in South America

"I received a call for proposals from MATIMOP/OCS regarding a partnership with Argentina. I wouldn't have thought of it on my own", says Alhadaf, "but I wrote a short description about what kind of partner I was looking for, and approximately 10-15 Argentinean companies contacted us. In the end we chose one of the companies - a small company called Localizar-T that is developing a product that integrates AeroScout technology with SmartPhones".

In addition to the technological innovation, the collaborative development creates significant opportunities for AeroScout. The company, which until recently had focused on solutions for the business sector, and mostly for large organizations, is looking to get a foot in the door within the consumer market. The partnership with Argentina, and the South American market, offers many opportunities for Israeli companies. "The partnership was important, first and foremost in order to develop this product," says Alhadaf, "but I also wanted us to have a presence in South America, this is the market that we want to develop. The presence of a local company, that knows how to develop the products, helps us enter this market with more ease."

AeroScout received funding from the Office of the Chief Scientist, and the Argentinean company received funding from the Argentinean government. AeroScout was introduced to additional markets and partners through MATIMOP. Within the framework of the EUREKA Network (the largest platform for European R&D, of which Israel was the president until June 2011), AeroScout is partnering with an Irish company that produces innovative elements of Ultra Wideband. "As soon as we complete development of this product, we will be able to enter markets that in the past were only partly accessible". AeroScout also intends to participate in a project with a Norwegian company, that will assist in the development of a products based on Ultrasound technology.

National Funding, Global Success

"I understand that not all of the world's wisdom is here in Israel, or only abroad," noted Alhadaf in reference to the need for international partnerships. "It enables us to leverage the technology that exists here [in Israel]. I receive funding from the Office of the Chief Scientist, and if it is a multi-national project - we do not have to fund everything that our partner develops abroad, and we benefit from that. Partnerships like these assist a company like ours to grow and develop new products for which we don't always have the available resources and knowledge to develop. We also benefit from the ability to penetrate new markets around the world, such as the consumer market, and not just the commercial industry".

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A Call for Proposals with Argentina is currently open till May 31, 2012. Apply today!