(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Elbit Security Systems – Ushering in a New Era in Traffic Control through Cooperation with Europe

“There's a constant information exchange, and project leaders touch base all the time,” says Yosi Haimovitch, CTO of Elbit Security Systems (ELSEC). "This is a new era in traffic control," says Haimovitch. ELSEC is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., which specializes in developing systems for Homeland Security and providing comprehensive solutions in the field of national security, security of sites, airport security, coastal surveillance and the like. 
The company, which develops unique and complete systems ready for action, approached MATIMOP in order to leverage its capabilities and identify potential partners for developing and marketing new products in Europe under the banner of the EUREKA program for the purpose of collaboration in research and development. ELSEC’s new project, called SMARTI, focuses on the field of smart traffic and improving vehicle traffic at intersections. “This pursuit is innovative and has tremendous potential,” says Haimovitch.

New Marketing & Development Opportunities

MATIMOP’s experience and connections have assisted ELSEC in identifying and recruiting the perfect partner in Europe for the project, Italian company CRF of the Fiat Group, a company with a wealth of research and development experience in the transport field, a field of knowledge into which ELSEC aspired to integrate. In the framework of the collaboration, ELSEC is responsible for the development of an intersection control system, as well as development of the control algorithm and the intersection system of sensors, whereas CRF is responsible for the development of the system components within the vehicle, including a channel of communication between the vehicle and the intersection control system. Together, they perform field tests of the system’s performances in real road conditions at CRF’s testing ground, using the Italian company’s technologies, ground resources and knowledge.

Collaboration between the two companies has borne new business development opportunities for ELSEC, and has given the company a significant foothold in a new, fascinating and important field. ELSEC’s technological capabilities and extensive experience in Homeland Security have enabled it to further develop into this field as well, and the joint project under the banner of the EUREKA program opened doors to new marketing and development opportunities in Europe.

MATIMOP, the Israeli national coordinator for the EUREKA program, acting on behalf of the OCS (Office of the Chief Scientist), accompanied the process of formulating a collaboration agreement between the two companies, and the project was launched in early 2010. “There's a constant information exchange, and project leaders touch base all the time,” explains Haimovitch. “Although there are many regulatory barriers to be overcome, we hope that the system’s benefit to traffic will speak for itself and be welcomed with open arms.”