(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Mobixell Networks: Collaborating with an Italian Cellular Giant

"It's hard to break through the barrier of the giant laboratories in Europe without the umbrella of the Chief Scientist and various programs,” says Amir Aharoni, CEO of Mobixell Networks. Mobixell has been in contact for years with cellular giants from around the world, and has succeeded in creating international collaboration programs with the leader of the Italian telephony market - Telecom Italia.

Mobixell specializes in solutions for the management and optimization of mobile Internet traffic. It deals with developments which are engaged in optimizing and managing Internet network traffic over cellular networks with an emphasis on video, which enables cellular companies to save tens of percent in traffic volume, but still provide rich multimedia content to their customers.

In addition, Mobixell is developing mobile advertising solutions, video solutions which enable real-time television and VoD viewing, and an array of developments and applications that equip the cellular phone in one’s pocket with excellent multi-media. For about eight years, Mobixell has held business connections with Telecom Italia, Italy's largest cellular provider, but when the company came across MATIMOP and the Chief Scientist’s publication about collaboration programs with Italy, they understood that this was an opportunity for cooperation of a slightly different kind.

“They have a large laboratory in Turin, where they develop applications and test their own products,” says Aharoni. “After we received the call from MATIMOP, our technology team recognized that we have a common work interest. We sent the Italians a list of possible subjects, and they returned a positive answer for some of them.” In the summary of the ideas exchanged, Telecom Italia and Mobixell agreed on a multimedia project whose subject matter was the identification of user features, and to focus on cellular social networks. Each of the companies approached their local representative (in Israel this was MATIMOP, and later the Chief Scientist) and the process gained momentum.

Better Understanding the Market

“MATIMOP helped us with submitting the plan,” says Aharoni, and immediately explains the advantages of an international project such as this. “It affords us scientific and financial backing without which it would be difficult to gain entry into such advanced subject matter. Second, and just as important, is that it encourages a European giant such as this to speak with an Israeli company on matters of research and development and not only on matters of buying a product. It is difficult to assume that their vast laboratories, which employ hundreds of workers, would be interested in collaboration with a relatively small company from a relatively small country, without the backing of an international program.”

Thanks to cooperation with the research laboratory, Mobixell has succeeded in better understanding the market and developing solutions tailored to the needs of a large cellular operator. “Telecom Italia has millions of customers and is one of the leading and most innovative cellular operators in the world. The direction taken by development and research in their laboratories is years ahead of its time in terms of market needs and user requirements. Exposure such as this to technology and information based on real data, and not on thoughts or assumptions, is immeasurably important.”

Mutual Respect

Aharoni also praises the work itself and says that “the collaboration has generated mutual enrichment and appreciation for both parties’ technological capabilities.”