(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Dr. Sobhi Basheer of TransBioDiesel Featured in European Commission "Secret of Success" Booklet

Dr. Sobhi Basheer, CEO of Israeli biofuel company TransBioDiesel, was one of 37 international businessmen selected to be profiled in the European Commission’s Secret of Success brochure 2012-2013. The brochure features success stories of international champions from throughout Europe and was published on the occasion of the European SME Week 2012, held from October 15-21 in Brussels, Belgium. TransBioDiesel has participated in a number of international cooperation programs via MATIMOP and the Office of the Chief Scientist.

A global expert in enzymes, Dr. Sobhi Basheer left his research job to set up his own company and turned his research and development dreams into reality. His company, TransBioDiesel Ltd.,performs trailblazing research into “green” technologies which can potentially benefit society as a whole. The company is pioneering the use of enzyme-based catalysts - known as bio-catalysts - in the production of bio-fuels which are seen as a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to petroleum-based fuels. Bio-fuels are currently produced with chemical catalysts but bio-catalysts, in comparison, are cleaner, less costly to produce and require less energy to be used during the production process.

Read the full profile of Dr. Basheer in the Secret of Success brochure 2012-2013.

A full copy of the entire brochure is available here.