(Formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP)

Call for Proposals with Terumo (No. 2/15)

Call for Proposals with Terumo

No. 2/15


A call for proposals is being launched in the framework of the Global Enterprise R&D Collaboration Agreement between the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Economy and the Terumo Corporation. The agreement aims to encourage cooperation between Israeli companies and the Terumo Corporation in the areas of research, development and marketing.

As a multinational which has a strong corporate culture of supporting R&D, and a presence in many sectors, this offer is directed to companies that develop technologies and products in the following fields:

Solution Inquiries

1.       TERUMO seeks technologies which enable to seal the femoral artery as vascular closure. The procedure should be easy to implement and use, as well as cost effective. Specific requirements are as follows:


- More than 14F 5mm diameter vessel puncture site should be sealed.

- No implant material should be better. However if the implant material is biocompatible, that would be acceptable.

- Reliable hemostasis

- Easy procedure


2.       TERUMO seeks technologies (Materials and Systems) which enable to cover/coat blood vessel lumen with the biocompatible materials to treat the target lesion. The system and procedure should be easy to implement and use, as well as cost effective. Specific technological interests are in the following areas:

a.       Materials

-           Biocompatible Hydrogel, Sheet, Mesh and Patch

-           Other biocompatible materials, which can adhere to blood vessel lumen and stay there under the presence of blood flow and vasomotion.

b.       Systems

-           Percutaneous catheter devices, which can deliver the Materials (described above) to the target lesion and apply it to blood vessel lumen.

-           Other devices, which can apply the Materials (described above) to blood vessel lumen.

Hydrogel/sheet/mesh/patch and percutaneous catheter devices are likely to exist as a combination of Material and System, however, this is not always the case.



For more information on Terumo Corporation and the products of Cardiac & Vascular, please visit the corporate website at: http://www.terumo.com/ , http://www.terumo.com/business/cardiac_vascular/index.html .


Companies that are interested in applying should send a summary proposal to:  


-           For Solution Inquiry No. 1 - to Hideki_Fujimagari @terumo.co.jp

-           For Solution Inquiry No. 2 - to Naoki_Ishii@terumo.co.jp


Please copy Noam.BarGal@ocs.economy.gov.il on all emails.

The proposals will be evaluated, on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist and Terumo .Companies whose proposals are found suitable will be invited to meet Terumo representatives during their visit to Israel in March 2016.


Furthermore, in cases that these dialogues will generate common decisions to execute a joint R&D project with Terumo, each Israeli partner will be able to submit a request for support within the Chief Scientist's Framework for R&D Cooperation with Multinational Companies .


Approved applications will receive the following assistance:


§   A Chief Scientist Grant of up to 50% of the project's approved budget;

§   Additional assistance from Terumo of the same budget amount in-kind, for support in the technological and regulatory areas; use of laboratory equipment for R&D; sub-contractors and professional consultants; etc.


More information on the Chief Scientist Framework for R&D Collaboration with Multinational Companies is available in Hebrew here and in English here , and you may call Noam Bar-Gal at 03-5118116.